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Split Rail Fences

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Split Rail Fences

Rustic Charm

Split rail fencing is one of the leading options on the market. The natural wood material is aesthetically appealing and offers a number of benefits. The fence installation team at Asheville Fence are ready to answer your questions about this popular and rustic fence style.

5 Benefits of a Split Rail Fence

Rustic Charm

Don’t have a lot of land but still want that ‘rancher’ feeling? Split rail fencing is a great choice for adding an aesthetic flair to a smaller piece of land. This style of fencing is very popular in Western North Carolina.


With its simplistic design, split rail fencing is one of the most affordable products on the market. It doesn’t require additional materials and hardware for installation. It also will last for about 25 years, depending on how it was treated. You’ll have a sturdy barrier set up around the property without breaking the bank.

Low Maintenance

The natural appearance of the material won’t require any form of cleaning or repainting to retain its pristine condition.


You can easily install on most any yard or terrain. To make this fence a containment area for your dog, we can attach wire mesh to the fence.


Split rail fencingThis design is known for its rounded, durable posts, which are spaced evenly around the perimeter of the property. If a cow or horse suddenly runs up against the side of the fence, the dullness of these posts will prevent accidental injuries and safely contain all livestock.

Recent Split Rail Fence Projects

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