Western North Carolina is one of the most beautiful places to live in the country. We are so fortunate to be in the shadow of some of the tallest mountains in the Appalachians. From almost anywhere in the Asheville area, residents can look up to see beautiful views and vast vistas. Within a short drive of downtown, you can explore hundreds of waterfalls, hike and mountain bike on thousands of miles of trails, and enjoy true outdoor adventure.

The challenge for builders, business owners, and engineers is figuring out how to get around the mountains. As amazing as it is when home builders figure out how to construct houses in the mountains, the roads and parking lots are just as impressive. Many private neighborhood roads cling to the sides of mountains and climb significantly in elevation with a series of switchbacks. 

Keys to Pool Safety This Summer

Tuesday, 30 June 2020 18:57

What could be better than a long, lazy summer afternoon spent in the pool? Across the country, there are some 10.4 million residential pools, and they are the scene for countless hours of recreation, exercise, socialization, and relaxation. Unfortunately, this backyard luxury can also become a significant hazard. How can you enjoy your pool safely this season? 

Over the last few months, we have spent a lot more time at home than we would have expected to earlier in the year. For those who were not directed impacted by the pandemic, many welcomed the slower pace additional time at home with family. However, spending excess time at your house may have resulted in you and your spouse identifying long-neglected home improvement projects. Many have spent this season of social distancing replacing flooring, painting walls, repairing decks, improving patios, and more. You may have that you either need to add fencing or it is time to upgrade. Before you settle on chain link or something you have used in the past, you may want to consider the vinyl fencing. 

Landscaping is an intensive job - but it is also a passion for many of us! We want our properties to look their best, so we plant, prune, groom, and grade to ensure it affords us both the functionality we need and the look we want. After all that work… how is your fence looking? While fences are practical (e.g. for privacy, safety, etc.), they can also work hard to create the right aesthetic for our homes. So is your fence as beautiful as your landscaping?

Some ideas to get you started - and some inspiration to fuel your landscaping dreams:

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