An elegant security gate adds sophistication and functionality to your home or business, as well as increased security. Automatic security gate operators are common in both private homes as well as industrial sites.

We offer options using cantilever, swing, double swing, or sliding.

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Power options include:

  • Electric Automated Gate Systems: Works with any material, including vinyl, iron, chain link, or wood. Available in various designs and opening solutions. These require a conduit to run from the gate to your electrical box.
  • Solar Automatic Gate Systems: Works with most materials, and benefits from eco-friendly solar energy. Typically a higher up-front cost, with reduced lifetime cost and environmental impact. Most commonly, we install these systems with 7- or 14-watt solar panels. 

Benefits of automated gates include:

  • Enhanced security: Bolt cutters and lock picks can be used with hand-operated gates. Automatic gate operators are ideal for high-end security, requiring specialized, difficult electrical knowledge to overcome. Similar to a fierce German Shepherd barking from your windows, many thieves see an automatic gate and keep moving.
  • Convenience: Manual gates require you to get out of your vehicle every time you enter or leave the property. Staying in your vehicle is a convenience as well as an added safety measure, with less exposure to outside weather, people, or animals. Control your gate by remote control, key switches, or swipe cards.
  • Reduced likelihood of injuries: Automatic gates operate on solid motors that control the opening and closing of the mechanism, using safeguards based on sensors and motorized tracks. Improperly balanced manual gates can be difficult to open and can slam unexpectedly, easily harming kids or pets. 
  • Entry/departure monitoring: Automatic access control systems such as card readers, wireless keypad, transmitters, or telephone entry systems are a great tool for keeping track of everyone entering and exiting your property. This also provides real-time updates on delivery arrivals and departures. 

Contact us to discuss your property and what secure configuration will work best for you.

We also offer optional annual maintenance to keep your system running all year round.

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