wood defender fence stainWorked really hard and/or spent a lot of money to design and install a fence?

Protect. Your. Investment.

Constant exposure to rain, sun, snow, and debris causes all sorts of damage to unprotected wood. Coating your investment makes an incredible difference in both looks and the life of your fence.

Protective coating benefits include: 

  • Enhanced visual appeal
  • Reduction in mold
  • Reduction in mildew
  • Reduction in warping
  • Reduction in splitting
  • Reduction in rot
  • Reduction of insects

This is truly the finishing touch to all your hard efforts, so you can sit back and enjoy the view.

Also, if you’re considering tearing down and replacing an older fence, stripping them down and restaining may be an option to further its lifespan. See our page, Repairs, for more information.

Not sure whether to paint or stain?

Asheville Fence StainStain it. (Of all the hard questions in life, isn’t it nice when there’s a simple answer?) 

Wood absorbs stain much deeper than it does paint. 

This means that paint, as it ages, starts to chip, peel, and appear worn, requiring immediate attention as it shows signs of wear and tear. 

By contrast, stain will simply fade over time, allowing you time and breathing space to restain when ready (mentally and financially). 

We’ve heard horror stories of paint peeling off fencing in less than a year. Harsh winter weather, so common in WNC, can reduce the lifetime of paint on a wood fence even more. Of course, the quality and application of the paint used also greatly affects how long the paint will last.

Take special note that if you are working with cedar, paint can actually diminish the lifetime of your fence. Paint doesn’t allow cedar to breathe, a particular necessity for this type of softwood. 

We can use transparent, semi-transparent, and solid base stains, providing different levels of coverage and looks.

Unsure of what you want? Give us a call and we can figure it out, together.

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