We’re prepared to help you solve the fencing needs specific to your field, indoors or out. 

Many athletic fields are repurposed on a regular basis, and so are in need of a temporary solution– something that can be put up regularly and quickly, and broken down with ease. This allows the field to be used soon after for other activities.

Other more permanent solutions are available as well, including galvanized or vinyl-covered chain link, and mesh netting.

Regardless of the sport, the common link is wanting both your players and spectators to be at the least risk of injury as is possible, while allowing the teams to fully play. Our experts can look at your current layout and future desires, and help bring those two together to create an atmosphere that both your players and spectators feel safe and excited to be in.

Indoor and outdoor fencing and mesh net options are available for:

  • Baseball: outfield, baseline, and backstop fencing
  • Softball: outfield, baseline, and backstop fencing
  • Batting cages: recessed poles, soft toss areas, high visibility, tensioned bottom cables to reduce fall risk from rolling balls or pooled netting, and divider nets available
  • Football: set ups for traditional 11-on-11, 7-on-7, flag football, and peewee events
  • Soccer: staging available for adult league, youth league, multiple AYSO, or tournaments
  • Futsal: options similar to soccer, with ball-containment netting and fencing available
  • Lacrosse: premium fencing, netting, and barriers available

Don’t see your sport? Call us to discuss your unique activity and space, and what’s available to facilitate a safe, enjoyable experience for players and spectators alike.

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