8 Reasons to Choose a Custom Fence

Monday, 04 October 2021 22:24

Merriam-Webster defines a fence as “a barrier intended to prevent escape or intrusion or to mark a boundary.” When it comes to preventing a way of escape for someone such as a pet, keeping an intruder out and away from your family, or marking a boundary between your property and another, your fence should be very precisely to your liking. 

And what better way to get the fence you want than using a custom fence builder? In this article, we are discussing why you should trust a professional fence building company for your custom fence. 

Will the HOA Approve My Fence?

Tuesday, 07 September 2021 00:45

There are few places in the country growing as rapidly as western North Carolina. The populations of Asheville and surrounding towns have grown exponentially over the past few decades. Conventional wisdom might have suggested that some of this growth would have slowed during the global pandemic that changed the world; however, it has been quite the opposite. 

With so many careers shifting to hybrid and remote offices, people have more flexibility with where they live. They are choosing to call our area home. 

Real estate professionals have reported that people are purchasing homes and properties sight-unseen. While that has driven asking prices higher, it has not deterred more and more people from calling this area home. 

New neighborhoods are developing faster than ever. Whether you are new to the area or have lived here for generations, you may find that you are working within the regulations of a new (or new to you) HOA. 

Fence Planning for Your Athletic Facility

Thursday, 05 August 2021 16:20

In western North Carolina, we love sports. Whether we are playing or watching, athletics is an integral part of life here in the mountains. In this article, we are providing a comprehensive guide to planning a fence project for your athletic facility. 

We’re breaking down the information as follows: 

  1. General Information About Athletic Fencing
  2. Choose the Fence Material that is Best for Your Sport
  3. How to Choose the Right Gate and Locks
  4. Why You Should Work with Asheville Fence for Your Athletic Fence

Here is what you need to know about planning your athletic fence project.

Professional Fence Installation vs DIY

Thursday, 01 July 2021 17:01

Building a fence in your backyard might not seem like it’s going to be too much trouble. However, when you begin planning, you might change your mind. There are various reasons you are considering building your fence: to save money, adding a personal touch, or enjoy tackling a DIY project. 

You have to ask yourself, is it worth the time and effort? There is certainly nothing wrong with calling in a professional fence installation expert.

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