Planning Your Farm’s Fence

Monday, 02 January 2023 21:23

Western North Carolina has become a hustling and bustling area. In the past few decades, every county in the region has experienced massive, exponential growth, including Buncombe, Henderson, Madison, Transylvania, and beyond. People have come here for the beauty of our mountains, the abundance of outdoor activities, and the cultural amenities. 

While Asheville and the surrounding metropolitan area seem urban and developed, there is still plenty of rural farmland amongst the rolling hills, throughout the valleys, and even along the ridges. Whether you’re new to farming or you’re one in a long line of local farmers, at some point, you will need a fence. In this article, we’re discussing how to plan and prepare for your farm’s fencing. 

Do I Need Temporary Fencing?

Monday, 05 December 2022 14:15

The Asheville region has been growing substantially for thirty years, gaining thousands of new families each year. In the largest city at its elevation east of the Mississippi, new businesses have launched or expanded their operations, bringing new people with them. 

One of the things that draw visitors to our region is the surrounding Appalachian mountains. They provide a beautiful backdrop for life in our area and beckon residents to explore the area. Other factors that draw people to the area include:

  • Some of the best mountain biking and hiking on the East Coast in an urban area
  • There are several access points to the storied Blue Ridge Parkway.
  • Whitewater rafting, kayaking, and mountain climbing are all available here
  • You can always go on a hike or go camping without going too far from home.
  • North Carolina's top fly fishing spots are within a short drive of downtown Asheville
  • Excellent options for shopping
  • A well-known culinary and beverage scene 
  • The River Arts District
  • Mild weather throughout most of the year, with occasional snowfall in the winter
  • The brilliant colors of spring and fall

With so much to do in our area, there is always a lot of activity. Whether it’s for the copious number of construction projects or community events that seem to occur every weekend, you may need temporary fencing at some point. In this article, we’re discussing what you need to know about temporary fencing. 

How to Decorate Your Fence for the Holidays

Thursday, 03 November 2022 20:16

As the holiday season approaches, it is time to start decorating your house for the season. While most people decorate indoors and hang lights outside, your fence can be seamlessly incorporated into your holiday decor. Decorating your fence to match your style can really set your home apart from the rest.

Wood Fence Maintenance for Fall

Friday, 07 October 2022 23:44

The leaves are starting to turn and fall. And you know that means autumn is coming and the warm days of summer are through. 

We have cooler weather, delicious food, and family gatherings just around the corner, and it is probably no small assumption that it is many people's favorite time of year. While we often tend to begin to take our recreation time indoors, fall isn’t the time to slack on home maintenance.

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