Split rail fencing provides a certain rustic charm to its surroundings. This is an extremely popular style of fence in western North Carolina. Due to the low amount of materials, split rail fencing can cover a long distance at a lower price than other kinds of fencing, and also maintains your view.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Low maintenance requirements
  • Rounded edges of posts unlikely to hurt animals
  • Keeps children, pets, and/or livestock in using wire backing
  • Visibility and wind through the fence
  • Aesthetically pleasing from both sides
  • Flexible design that can be used in a variety of landscapes
  • Blends in with settings

Split rail is a great fence for suburban settings, as well as ranches and farms. 

We most commonly use cedar, locust, hemlock untreated wood, and pressure treated pine. These woods provide strong durability to withstand the elements, as well as a natural appeal.

Gates come in all varieties for split rail fences, and can be customized to your needs. Drive gates are typically of a high concern for our clients, and can be built to suit your vehicles and/or equipment passing through. Lightweight steel tubing can be used for horse gates. Cast iron gates may also be fabricated to match the design of your home.

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