Ornamental gates are available in both steel as well as aluminum, and can be customized for your location. Offering more decorative appeal than other options, they are also incredibly effective.

These gates are both classically beautiful on their own, as well as allow owners to showcase their carefully manicured lawns and gardens.

Benefits of Ornamental Steel Gates include:

Higher security: Due to its heavy weight and high durability, wrought iron is a serious obstacle for trespassers, burglars, or animals.

Freedom of design: Through metal fabrication, wrought iron gates can be designed however you want. Popular options include ornamental flairs, filigrees, symbols, and family crests.

Ideal for high-traffic areas: Wrought iron is a great solution for commercial and residential settings. They tend to last longer than vinyl or wood gates.

Benefits of Ornamental Aluminum Gates:

More affordable: Aluminum driveway gates are much less expensive than wrought iron, simulating the look of iron without the high price tag. If you want a very ornate, elaborate gate, the cost of wrought iron may be prohibitive. In aluminum, the same design may fall within your budget.

Low maintenance requirements: Aluminum does not rust, eliminating the maintenance that can be necessary for wrought iron. Aluminum driveway gates typically come with an enamel coating that stands up to the elements without chipping, cracking, or flaking.

Lightweight: These gates can be much easier to open than wrought iron. Aluminum also causes less wear and tear on the tracks and rollers on sliding gates, and on the hinges of swinging gates.

Automated systems last longer: Due to the lightweight material and decreased wear and tear, automated systems may last longer with aluminum.

Better option for Solar Automated Gates: Also due to the lightweight material, they require less energy draw to function, using fewer watts.

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