The Danger of Spring and Summer Storms for Property and Fencing

The Danger of Spring and Summer Storms for Property and Fencing

Tuesday, 24 March 2020 22:19

The weather is getting warmer in western North Carolina. Winter is a little slower to yield its grip on the mountains than it is in the foothills and piedmont but when it finally does, there is a marvelous display of color beginning at the valley floor and climbing to the highest ridges. Visitors from all over the country make their way to Asheville for the Spring. It is typically a time for festivals, music events, and all manner of celebration that warm weather is here. 

With spring comes the promise of sunny days and opportunities to explore the multitude of hiking and mountain biking trails, campgrounds, and waterways. Asheville residents and tourists will float down rivers and streams, raft down whitewater rapids, and walk thousands of miles of trails to incredible views, wildflowers, waterfalls, and swimming holes. 


One concern for home and business owners, however, is the potential for strong thunderstorms and tropical weather. Thunderstorms and the remnants of landfalling tropical storms can bring lightning, high winds, hail, heavy rain, flash flooding, and landslides. They can have damaging and even devastating impacts on the property. In this post, we are discussing the potential effects of spring and summer storms for your property and fencing. 

Impacts of Storms

There are several ways spring and summer storms can damage your residential or commercial property and fencing:

  • Lightning: Frequent cloud to ground lightning can damage structures, cause fires to buildings, and break trees and tree limbs, which can fall and damage your fencing. 
  • Wind: The most prevalent threat for damage from storms comes from wind blowing down trees and large limbs onto your property and fencing.
  • Flash Flooding: The most prevalent threat to your family, flash flooding can rise quickly and create dramatic situations in western North Carolina. Furthermore, ongoing standing water and drainage issues in your yard can lead to rot for your wooden fencing. If you are considering a different fence material more resistant to water. 
  • Landslides: Can definitely damage fencing
  • Hail: Not as much a treat to fencing

What Home and Business Owners Can Do to Prepare for Spring and Summer Storms

Before the spring and summer storm season really ramps up, there are a few steps home and business owners can do to ensure they are as prepared as possible:

  1. Gather Your Paperwork: If your home, commercial property, and/or fencing is damaged during a storm, you want to make sure you know the location of your insurance information and other relevant paperwork. You will save yourself a lot of stress if you keep that paperwork together and in a safe place.
  2. Plan to Be Weather-Aware: Know when to expect weather and avoid the temptation to dismiss weather reports. This will help you avoid the stress of "surprise" damage and help you make decisions with your family about evacuating if you are in a flood or landslide-prone area. Follow local meteorologists like Jason Boyer, AshevilleWX-Hunter Ward, Brad Panovich, and Ray's Weather on social media. These professionals help break down what to expect and the chances of experiencing adverse weather conditions. 
  3. Repair Existing Damage: If your property or fencing is already damaged, have it repaired before an event occurs to help streamline the claims process. For fencing repair and installation, you can contact Asheville Fence.
  4. Reduce Risks: Whether you have dead trees or big dead limbs hanging over your home or fencing, areas prone to flooding and poor drainage, or some other risky trouble spot, have repairs and corrections made before storms cause even more damage. 
  5. Make an Emergency Plan: The time to plan to protect your family, employees, and customers is now. If you have access control and electronic gates, make sure the battery backups are working before storms arrive that can knock them offline. For routine access control maintenance, Asheville Fence can help.

Asheville Fence has seen our share of storms in western North Carolina. We are here for you if you do experience damage from wind or flash flooding. If you would just like to consider installing a fence that matches the beauty of the surrounding area, we can help with that as well. Contact Asheville Fence today. We can perform an estimate safely on the phone, even during this season of social distancing.