Does Your Fence Look as Beautiful as Your Landscaping? 

Does Your Fence Look as Beautiful as Your Landscaping? 

Tuesday, 28 April 2020 13:23

Landscaping is an intensive job - but it is also a passion for many of us! We want our properties to look their best, so we plant, prune, groom, and grade to ensure it affords us both the functionality we need and the look we want. After all that work… how is your fence looking? While fences are practical (e.g. for privacy, safety, etc.), they can also work hard to create the right aesthetic for our homes. So is your fence as beautiful as your landscaping?

Some ideas to get you started - and some inspiration to fuel your landscaping dreams:

Vertically Hung Fences

This is the traditional look: many fences are oriented towards vertical slats. This style works very well with a variety of home styles, from classic to contemporary. You can also choose from an astonishing variety of stains to complement your landscaping, plants, flower, home, and outbuildings.

This vertical fence, for example, has a nice variegated stain for a natural look, and the possibilities in terms of planting are endless. It also provides wonderful privacy to make this yard an oasis of comfort and relaxation.

Horizontally Hung Fences

With boards/materials that are positioned horizontally, you can completely change the look of your fence. It creates a different line of sight, and this can highlight the beauty of your space. 

Take a look at this horizontal step-down privacy fence by Asheville Fence. It is incredibly solid, offers exceptional privacy, and complements the landscaping perfectly.

Lattice Work or Basket Weave Fences

Want a little of both? You got it! Latticework and basketweave fences combine vertical and horizontal elements to create an intriguing - yet classic - look.

It offers a bit of privacy, but still allows light and glimpses of beautiful greenery into your property. Again, with the variety of stains available, you can match or complement any aesthetic. 

Ornamental Fencing

Sometimes, privacy is not as critical as safety. Ornamental fencing not only adds a decorative touch to your yard/property, it helps keep children and/or pets in a safe area. You can choose from steel, powder-coated steel, steel with finials, and aluminum models to find the right fit.

Split Rail and Rustic

This is a great look for many homes, particularly cabin-inspired architecture and homes with naturalistic landscaping. Take a peek:

Fencing as Awe-Inspiring As Your Landscaping

Asheville Fence has the right solution for your property. We have worked in the mountains of Western North Carolina for two generations, and our passion is installing high-quality fencing with exceptional durability and appeal. We treat every project as if it is our own home or property, and we take great pride in our work. Get in touch with us today to learn how we can help you!