winter fence gate maintenanceWhen winter sets in on the mountains of Western North Carolina, cold temperatures, snow, and ice can begin to wear down even the sturdiest outdoor fixtures. 

You can help keep your wood or metal fencing in top shape through winter with some simple maintenance.

Winter Fence and Gate Maintenance

While some of this list is easier to do in fall before the cold winter starts, you can still protect your fencing installation as long as it is completed before severe snow or icing occurs. Proper fence and gate maintenance are all about mitigating water and temperature damage. 

Depending on your location in Asheville or surrounding areas, snow or icing might be a significant concern over the winter.

  • Trim and clear plant debris: Remove piled-up leaves, trim back large bushes, and cut any low-hanging or weak tree limbs that cross over the fence line. Doing this early will ensure you can access the fence throughout winter and help reduce snow or ice buildup. Falling tree limbs can cause some of the most significant structural damage to a fence.
  • Remove equipment or toys: Store these away for winter if you use your fence to hang yard tools or have large recreational objects up against the fence. Like natural barriers, these can lead to water damage issues and are often mobile and heavy enough to knock into fences in high winds, causing more damage.
  • Manage snow: As winter weather occurs, clear fence lines and gated pathways of excessive snow build-up. Clearing snow banks help fences, especially wooden ones, dry out quicker, preventing mildew or rust formation. Having snow piled against one side of a fence can also cause a significant temperature difference, leading to warping.
  • Repair damage quickly: As soon as you notice any damage, be sure to address it. Clean off mildew and rust to refinish. And make certain warping boards or loose fasteners aren’t risking a portion of your fence coming down altogether.
  • Check Gate Mechanisms: Make sure gate hinges are adequately lubricated with oil. And if you have an electric gate operator, check functionality promptly after any snow or ice event. If the operator is no longer water-tight, freezing water can quickly cause significant internal damage. 

Repairing a Damaged Fence

If you start to notice more significant sections of damage than a simple spot repair can address, it may be time to start thinking about repairing the fence as a whole. Except for severe winter weather, there is no reason you cannot complete a fence repair project in winter. 

Completing a repair project before a fence needs to be entirely replaced can save you a significant amount of time and money. Aside from cleaning and refinishing, however, if more than 30% of a fence needs substantial repairs, it may be more cost-effective to replace the entire fence.

Fence and Gate Repair in Asheville, NC

If you notice damage to your fence or gate this winter and aren’t sure if it needs repair or replacement, and you live in the area of western North Carolina, contact Asheville Fence to receive a free estimate. No matter how big or small, our experts can help determine the best course of action across any fence or gate installation type. We will help figure out the best course of action for your particular situation.