Things You Need To Know About Gates and Gate Operators

Things You Need To Know About Gates and Gate Operators

Wednesday, 10 February 2021 12:55

If you are looking to step up your security and feel some peace of mind, adding an automatic gate system could be your next move. But with multiple options to choose from and various differing looks, picking the right choice is crucial to optimum functionality and efficiency of your gate.

Here are some things that are important to know before investing in gates and gate operators. 


1. Swing Gates Are the Most Common

  • Single Swing Gate. This option is going to cost less because it only requires one automatic opener/operator. With a single swing gate, more space is needed. The size of the gate leaf is the size of the space needed to clear behind the gate, the swing distance. The weight distribution is heavily on one side, so a strong post is required for the operation of the single swing gate. This gate installation is simpler and less labor-intensive by only requiring one gate operator and half the hardware of a double swing gate. 
  • Double Swing Gate. If you have a wide driveway or opening for your gate, a double swing gate would be best because the swing distance is cut in half behind the gate. Imagine you have a 16 ft wide entrance, with a single swing, you would need a 16 ft swing distance. But with a double swing, the swing distance is only eight ft. The double swing gate provides a more elegant look by opening from the center, but you will pay more for this look as you would need two automatic operators for both sections.

2. Slide Gates Are for Mountain Living

This is the best option for small spaces as you do not have to calculate room for swing distance. Another benefit of a slide gate is never having to calculate the room needed for the gate to open and not hit your car. Living in the mountains, it is quite common to have an incline up your driveway. If this is the case, a swing gate cannot swing behind the gate, only towards your car, and this can potentially cause damage to vehicles entering your property.

3. Cantilever Gates Are the Quietest Choice

The cantilever is a specific type of sliding gate. This is the choice for you if the gate opening needs to be larger than any of the other automatic gate options. This is mainly used for industrial and commercial properties. The cantilever gate is quieter than most because the gate never touches the ground. It requires a counterbalance to support the leaf, which means the size required is 50% larger than the gate opening. For example, you need a 20ft opening; this requires a 10 ft counterbalance, meaning a 30 ft clearing for the cantilever gate is necessary.

4. Keep It Eco-Friendly With Solar Automatic Gate Systems

Instead of sticking with traditional electric, choosing solar panels to power your gate reduces lifetime cost and environmental impact. These may cost more during the installation but save you money in the long run. Another benefit is the Solar Investment Tax Credit that allows you to deduct 26% of the installation cost of a solar automatic gate system from your federal taxes.

5. Step Up Your Security Game

Put aside your worries with an automatic gate operator. No one can come up with any old bolt cutters or lock picks and break through. Just the sight of an automatic gate is a deterrent for any potential thief.

6. Keep Track of Entries and Departures

A nifty feature of automatic gate systems is the ability to identify who is here before letting them through. Keypads, card readers, or phone entry systems give you a database to keep track of all the visitors to the property and what time they entered/left. You can also ensure you know the very moment the deliveries arrive.

7. Safely Stay In Your Car

With a push of a key or swipe of a card, you can be swiftly behind your automatic gate in no time without the hassle of stepping out of your vehicle to manually open your gate. This is an added safety feature as getting out of your vehicle comes with the dangers of bad weather, unknown people, or wild animals. 

8. Ensure Smooth Operation with Annual Maintenance Inspections

Your automatic gate is only useful when properly maintained. Because of the motorized equipment, it requires routine maintenance to perform properly. It is best to entrust this job to expert technicians. These inspections vary from 1 to 4 times a year depending on use and other factors.

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