Things to Remember Winter When Installing a Fence in Winter or Early Spring

Things to Remember Winter When Installing a Fence in Winter or Early Spring

Monday, 03 January 2022 19:31

While it had not necessarily been a long winter here in Asheville, it is certainly one that grabbed everyone’s attention. With multiple rounds of snow, ice, and frigid temperatures, it announced its presence effectively. As we get closer to spring, Dogwoods are already blooming, and we might be tempted to think winter is over. However, we’ve been fooled before.

Winter may not be the season we often think of spending significant amounts of time outdoors or thinking about doing landscaping projects, but after these last few weeks of above-average temperatures, many people are thinking about taking on some of the home improvement projects they might typically put off till spring.

If installing a fence is on your list this year, don’t feel like you have to wait till winter is officially over. At the same time, there are a few things to keep in mind about your fence installation project this time of year. 


5 Reasons Winter Is the Perfect Time to Install a Fence

1) It Is Still Winter

The only delay a winter fence installation might face is frigid cold temperatures or extreme precipitation. So long as there hasn’t been an extended cold snap (25 degrees or lower) or a significant amount of rain or snowmelt, modern equipment will have no problem digging into the winter ground. 

We are not likely to see extreme cold return to our area this late in the season, so you probably won’t have to worry about a delay due to the ground being frozen. However, excessive rainfall or another round of heavy snow is not out of the question. 

2) Fence Installation Can Be in Demand

Winter is traditionally a slow season for contract work in general, but this does not necessarily extend to fence installation contractors.

Most people look into getting landscaping projects done in the warmer seasons. It might seem like there should be less demand for crews during late winter. That is not the case currently. If you are starting on a landscaping project that requires fencing, give yourself plenty of time to have your fence installed. 

3) The Availability of Inspectors

Another factor to consider about an installation is whether or not you will need to have city codes looked at or the ground check for lines. More inspectors are available to speed up project start time in the winter if you need any ordinances or lines marked. A proper inspection can save a lot of future headaches or damage.

4) Easier Installment

Fences can often be easier to install in the winter. Foliage such as flowers and bushes are dormant, and hard-packed ground means equipment will be less damaging to your landscape and yard. And not having to worry about maneuvering around delicate new growth means crews can work to get the install done for you even faster.

5) Ready for Spring and Summer

Installing your new fence during winter when you aren’t regularly using your yard can be convenient. You won’t have disruptions to your activities, and when done beforehand, it will be ready to go for your enjoyment throughout the entirety of the spring and summer months.

A bonus is that having a fence in place before springtime means that you can plan and execute new landscaping around the fence in spring without worrying about damage or delay of those projects.

6) Use a Professional Fence Installer

Every season is different and provides unique challenges for contractors, landscapers, and fence installers. A professional fence installer will be able to anticipate these challenges and adapt to the weather, terrain, and other factors. 

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