Should I sign up for Automatic Gate Operator Maintenance?

Should I sign up for Automatic Gate Operator Maintenance?

Wednesday, 04 March 2020 16:29

Whether you are a long-time Asheville resident, or you recently relocated, your western North Carolina property is valuable. From homeowners to property managers, business owners to county and state parks, many utilize the security afforded by automatic gates.

Automated gates help you control who enters your property, allowing your friends, family, and coworkers into your facility while keeping out the curious and nefarious. In addition to providing security for you and the people on your property, they help protect people from wandering onto your property and using your equipment without proper supervision. 


If you have automated gate operators and access control equipment, you want to make sure it’s there when you need it. Nothing is worse than preparing to receive a shipment or welcome an important guest, only to have your gate operator fail. Like any motorized equipment, automated gate operators have components that require routine and proper maintenance. At Asheville Fence, our expert technicians follow an extensive checklist when the perform gate operator maintenance:

  • Check to see if hinges are working smoothly and lubricated properly.
  • Check belts and chains for looseness and wear.
  • Check for proper fluid levels.
  • Check and test safety controls (safety loops and photocells) for proper operation.
  • Check and test accessories (such as the exit device, SOS, timer, etc.) for proper operation. 
  • Check to make sure the gate reversing sensor is working properly.
  • Check for proper operation of the radio receiver and antenna connections.
  • Check batteries for gate operator and proper operation of battery backup.
  • Check for proper operation of telephone entry/keypad.
  • Check all wire connections in telephone entry/keypad and gate operator.
  • Clean gate operator cover.
  • Check the operator for UL325 compliance.

Your gate operator is doomed to fail if it is not properly maintained. You can handle the maintenance yourself, or you can trust it to our expert technicians. Asheville Fence provides annual preventative maintenance agreements that ensure your gate operators will be inspected and maintained 1 to 4 times each year, depending on use and other factors. 

All users receive a 10% discount on any parts and labor not already included in the agreement, and any service calls will be priced at a reduced rate. Users only stand to gain by signing up for our preventative maintenance agreements. Use the form to sign up today. 

Let us know if you are interested in an annual maintenance agreement. Fill out our interest form today.