Do I Need Temporary Fencing?

Do I Need Temporary Fencing?

Monday, 05 December 2022 14:15

The Asheville region has been growing substantially for thirty years, gaining thousands of new families each year. In the largest city at its elevation east of the Mississippi, new businesses have launched or expanded their operations, bringing new people with them. 

One of the things that draw visitors to our region is the surrounding Appalachian mountains. They provide a beautiful backdrop for life in our area and beckon residents to explore the area. Other factors that draw people to the area include:

  • Some of the best mountain biking and hiking on the East Coast in an urban area
  • There are several access points to the storied Blue Ridge Parkway.
  • Whitewater rafting, kayaking, and mountain climbing are all available here
  • You can always go on a hike or go camping without going too far from home.
  • North Carolina's top fly fishing spots are within a short drive of downtown Asheville
  • Excellent options for shopping
  • A well-known culinary and beverage scene 
  • The River Arts District
  • Mild weather throughout most of the year, with occasional snowfall in the winter
  • The brilliant colors of spring and fall

With so much to do in our area, there is always a lot of activity. Whether it’s for the copious number of construction projects or community events that seem to occur every weekend, you may need temporary fencing at some point. In this article, we’re discussing what you need to know about temporary fencing. 


What Is Temporary Fencing?

At the risk of stating the obvious, temporary fencing is fencing that is not meant to be permanent. That means it can be mobile and flexible, erected to suit a variety of situations. However, its temporary nature should not necessitate that it is flimsy. Temporary fencing should be sturdy and secure. 

This type of fencing is made of free-standing, self-supporting interlocking fence panels that are held together with couplers. This makes it portable, flexible, and useful for a variety of situations. Temporary fencing does not have to be an eyesore. It can be aesthetically pleasing

Types of Temporary Fencing

There are several variations of temporary fencing. Chain link, chain-like panels, and barricades are examples of temporary fence materials. 

You may consider incorporating tension wire or barbed wire in situations where you need extra security. You can ensure there is plenty of room to access and exit fenced-in areas using sliding or swinging gates.

Who Needs Temporary Fencing?

Do you need temporary fencing? There are many applications for mobile and flexible fencing that are not permanent. 

1. Temporary Fencing for Construction Projects 

Does it feel like Asheville is always under construction? Our area is growing so rapidly it seems like there is always something being built, expanded, or renovated. 

If you’re in charge of a construction project, you may need temporary fencing for the protection of your people and secure storage. Types of projects that may require this type of fence include:

  • Road construction
  • New apartment buildings and condos 
  • Large building renovation projects
  • Neighborhood and shopping center parking lots
  • Parks and greenways
  • Projects that could include hazardous materials
  • Projects that need to be secured from potential nefarious behavior

2. Temporary Fencing for Private Events

Sometimes, you need fencing to help direct traffic and deter spectating at a private event. The types of private events that could benefit from temporary fencing include:

  • Weddings
  • Family reunions
  • School graduation ceremonies 
  • Large memorial services 
  • Birthday parties with games like Paintball and GellyBall
  • Many more

3. Temporary Fencing for Public Events

Public events often require a combination of needs for temporary fencing. From storage to directing traffic, your event may benefit from mobile and flexible fencing options:

  • Races: In our area, you can always find communities hosting marathons, 5Ks, biking and cycling races, and other types of competitive events. You need fencing that is sturdy enough to keep participants and spectators safe. 
  • Festivals: From Asheville itself to every small town in the region, our area is community-oriented. It seems like there is always a town-wide civic event happening somewhere in western North Carolina that would benefit from temporary fencing. 
  • Concerts: Music is foundational to life in the Appalachian Mountains. Concerts often require temporary fencing to control traffic and provide storage for bands and organizers. 
  • Arts: We have a number of artists and art-related events in our area that benefit from beautiful temporary fencing. 

4. Temporary Fencing for Athletics

In North Carolina, sports play a significant role in the culture. While collegiate basketball is popular in the Triangle, baseball, football, and soccer are maybe more popular in our region. Residents of Asheville and Hendersonville can be seen playing everything from field hockey to basketball; however, so the sports seasons really never end.

Athletic fences are necessary to safeguard spectators and ensure playing surfaces are properly maintained. Your fencing needs to be capable of rapid changes since certain municipalities and counties have multi-purpose fields. A field used for a soccer tournament on Friday may become a concert field on Saturday. 

Types of athletic fencing include:

  • Baseball: outfield, baseline, and backstop fencing
  • Softball: outfield, baseline, and backstop fencing
  • Batting cages: recessed poles, soft toss areas, high visibility, tensioned bottom cables to reduce fall risk from rolling balls or pooled netting, and divider nets available
  • Football: setups for traditional 11-on-11, 7-on-7, flag football, and peewee events
  • Soccer: staging available for adult league, youth league, multiple AYSO, or tournaments
  • Futsal: options similar to soccer, with ball-containment netting and fencing available
  • Lacrosse: premium fencing, netting, and barriers available

Asheville Fence Offers Temporary Fencing Solutions

If you find yourself in need of temporary fencing, Asheville Fence can help. Reach out to us about athletic fencing in western North Carolina