temporary fencing hendersonvilleResidential and commercial fencing increases the security, privacy, and aesthetics of any home or business; however, what if you don’t want permanent fencing?

If you’re working on a dangerous project, the last thing you want is for a child, or even an adult, to wander in and get hurt. If you don’t set proper boundaries, you’ll find yourself responsible legally for the accident or injury. This is why temporary fencing is important for keeping your construction site or project area safe. 

Temporary fencing can offer fencing solutions for instances in which permanent fences would be insufficient. If you’re looking for a short-term solution, temporary fences are easy to install and easily removed. Many people prefer temporary fencing because it’s durable, but it can also be moved if necessary.

What Applications Are There for Temporary Fencing?

There are many reasons that you may need to move your fence often. Construction sites are the most common for temporary fencing because the area can be dangerous to bystanders, and it’s important to have some sort of boundary. Temporary fencing is perfect for construction sites because it only needs to be up until the construction is done. 

Another common use for temporary fencing is at outdoor events. There are so many events that require a temporary fence. Concerts use temporary fences to ensure that no one enters without buying a ticket. Along with keeping out any guests who haven’t paid, these fences are used for crowd control and the safety and security of the person performing. 

Temporary fencing is also used at sporting events, government events, weddings, and festivals. Any place where the general public needs to be separated or should not enter an area requires the use of a temporary fence. 

Temporary Fence Solutions Hendersonville, NC

Asheville Fence has provided temporary fencing solutions in Hendersonville for over 50 years. From securing job sites to providing barriers or enclosures for concerts, festivals, and other outdoor events, Asheville Fence is the most trusted name in temporary fencing. Our temporary fences address the following needs:

  • Storage
  • Public Safety
  • Pedestrian Barricades
  • Theft Deterrence
  • Venue Division at Large Events
  • Public Restriction on Industrial Construction Sites

Asheville Fence offers various options for temporary fences, including chain links, panels, barricades, and temporary driven fences. In this application, posts are driven into the ground. When using a driven temporary fence, it is an option to install privacy windscreens as well.

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We take pride in offering temporary fence solutions to our customers, and our local team offers installation services in Hendersonville, North Carolina, and the surrounding area. Whether you are planning new construction, demolition, or an event, our teams are ready to help. We provide the highest level of customer service, quality construction, and professional integrity throughout each project, no matter how big or small. For a free local estimate for your project, contact us