new fence new yearHave you seen new faces around Asheville and western North Carolina? Do not be surprised if you do encounter new residents in the next few months. The housing market continues to thrive in Buncombe, Henderson, and surrounding counties. Realtors have reported that properties are selling sight unseen as soon as they hit the market, often above asking price. People are searching for better places to live, with better views and better access to the great outdoors. They do not want to find themselves cooped up in a small big-city apartment if they ever have to quarantine again.

The vast majority of our new neighbors will be the kind of friendly people we expect in our area. Asheville is known for being community-oriented and inclusive. However, it is always important to make sure your home and property are protected against the few people who might mean harm. As new residents move into our area in the new year, it might be time for a new fence. 

Here are some good reasons to consider a new fence for your Asheville area home and property.

Reasons to Install a New Fence This New Year

Here are five important reasons to consider a new fence this new year for your western North Carolina Property:

  1. You Want to Improve Your Home’s Security: If you want to deter burglars and stop would-be criminals from encroaching on your property, it is time to consider installing a new fence. 
  2. You Have Updated Your Home’s Outdoor Living Areas: Many Asheville property owners took the last year to revamp their outdoor living spaces. If your fence no longer fits your aesthetic, it is time to consider installing a new one. 
  3. You Have Decided to Install a Pool: Your homeowners insurance and municipal ordinances likely require you to install a quality fence to go along with your new pool. 
  4. You Are Becoming More Self-Sustainable: If you have taken on homesteading projects during the last few years, you may need to install a fence to keep hungry animals out of your garden. 
  5. You Want Your Property Values to Continue to Rise: Installing a beautiful and quality fence on your property can only help its value increase. 

Are you convinced that it is at least time to explore the possibility of adding a new fence for upgrading your old fence on your western North Carolina property? The expert team at Asheville Fence is here to help you with that process. We have been installing quality fencing products for Asheville area residents for many years. Whether you are in downtown, West Asheville, South Asheville, or one of the surrounding area communities, give the team at Asheville Fence a call today.