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For over two generations, Asheville Fence has been committed to delivering top quality solutions to our customers and clients, as well as the industry’s most attentive, responsive service. While we seek to help homeowners and municipalities complement the beauty of Western North Carolina and its Blue Ridge, Black, and Smoky Mountains with aesthetically pleasing options, our top priority is always the safety of our community. Our team provides industry-leading, code-compliant guardrail installation for the city of Asheville and its businesses.

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Guardrails for Roadside and Parking Lots: One of the challenges to living in western North Carolina is elevation. Many of our businesses and homes, private neighborhoods, and apartment complexes require roadways that climb steep mountainsides with frequent switchbacks and creek crossings. Parking lots for residential and commercial property can be marvels of engineering overlooking vast vistas. It is vital property owners protect residents, visitors, and customers from accidents. 

Private roadside guardrails are critical safety features, designed to provide a barrier against vehicle impact. We guardrails in residential settings, such as neighborhoods with sharp curves, steep drop-offs, and switchbacks. We work with HOAs, and property owners to protect drivers on private roads and in parking lots.

Guardrails for Commercial Indoor Use: Businesses must comply with OSHA requirements, and contractors, builders, and construction workers also have to contend with IBC standards. Creating a safe workplace is essential, and guardrails play an important role. It is crucial that your business complies with these codes. Not only does failure to do so put lives at risk, but it also leaves your company exposed to fines, lawsuits, and irreparable damage to your reputation.

You can avoid accidents and legal issues with properly installed guardrails in appropriate areas, such as roofs, work surfaces of certain heights, around restricted zones, platforms, steps, etc.

To learn more about installation requirements, load levels, and proper installation of guardrails for your application, please contact the experts at Asheville Fence. We’ve proudly served Asheville for decades, and we have never wavered in our dedication to this community’s safety! Please contact us today for more information about guardrails