automatic gateAt the beginning of Asheville’s history, it became a center for visitors searching for a mountain escape. Living in western North Carolina, people crave privacy and seclusion for their property. With larger land to take care of, it is important to be able to keep track of who is coming and going. An automatic gate operator is an essential addition to the privacy and security of your home.

Looking at installing a security gate can seem overwhelming with all the different options and styles, but Asheville Fence makes it easy. We offer several options for security gates.

Achieve Security and Peace at Home With Automatic Gates

Adding an automatic gate operator may seem out of reach or unnecessary when a manual fence achieves the same thing, right? Wrong. An automatic gate system provides many added benefits. Unlike a traditional gate, advanced electrical knowledge is needed to even attempt to overcome your security system. Most skeevy criminals won’t even try to overcome your automatic gate, making your home a less likely target for theft.

Ensuring your mountain getaway stays exclusive, your automatic gate will have an access control system such as a keypad, card reader, or phone entry system. This allows you to make the decision on whether to allow someone onto your property or not. You will also be able to keep a log of the times of people entering or exiting your property. If you own many acres of land, typically, there are teams of people needed for upkeep. Being able to keep a log of who is on your property and when gives you the ultimate peace of mind.

Automatic gates tend to be safer than manual gates. With a motor that controls the opening and closing of the gate, you never have to worry about the gate coming loose and swinging open, injuring your vehicle, children, pets, or even you. Automatic gates have sensors and motorized tracks in place to provide safe entrances and exits.

Living in Asheville, winter weather is a reality we face. With a manual gate, you would have to exit your vehicle to unlock and open the gate, sometimes in harsh weather such as ice and snow. This can be potentially dangerous as you are dealing with heavy equipment with not so sturdy footing. With an automatic gate, you are able to simply swipe in with a card or punch a keypad to get inside your property safely.

Asheville Fence has been serving western North Carolina since 1966. Our team has years of experience to put your mind at ease. We provide free local estimates and are very knowledgeable about your gate and gate operator needs. Reach out with any questions or concerns, and our team of experts will be there to help!