8 reasons choose custom fenceMost homeowners in Asheville, NC want to add a new fence or replace an existing one. They want the installation to be aesthetically appealing, sturdy, and long-lasting. Also, they want the fence to be low-maintenance and withstand exposure to the changing weather and elements. 

One of the best ways to create a long-lasting solution is to opt for a custom fence. You can hire a professional fencing contractor like us for the job. We at Asheville Fence are reputed professionals that offer the best custom fencing solutions. 

Why You Should Go for Custom Fence Installation

These days, a white picket fence or a simple wrought iron fence isn’t for everyone. Still, many homeowners in Asheville, NC are putting up fences for security and curb appeal for their property. Go ahead and break the trend in the neighborhood by installing an amazing custom-designed fence with the help of a professional fencing contractor. 

While all fences serve the same purpose, here are some reasons why you should go for custom fencing: 

  • Offers Flexibility: You can easily customize the look of your fence and get it designed according to your preference for height and width. Getting a custom fence gives you peace of mind knowing that all your special requirements have been met. 
  • Enhance Your Home’s Appeal: Custom fencing can enhance the architecture of your home. It doesn’t matter who has designed your home, because it can be customized to complement the exterior architecture. When building a custom fence, you can repeat the lines or the architectural designs that are there in your home. 
  • Challenging Landscapes: With custom fences, you won’t have to alter the hard rocky yard, too tall trees, and hilly landscapes for the sake of installing the fence. The help of a professional fencing contractor and strategic designer can help with those challenging landscapes and turn them into an outstanding piece of landscape beauty. 
  • Different Materials: If you are going for custom fencing, you have a vast range of materials available. You can choose any material like wood, metal, vinyl, and wire. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that the material you’re going to choose for your custom fencing should complement the aesthetic of your house as well as reflect your taste.  
  • Customizable Gate: If you have planned to customize your fence, you should also customize your gate with the one that enhances the whole surrounding area instead of a fence that is bland and blends with the fence.

Types of Custom Fences You Can Choose From

If you are looking for a fence but aren’t quite sure what type, style, or design to go for, here are some of our most popular suggestions for different types of custom fences:

  • Those looking for privacy will opt for either wood or vinyl.
  • If privacy is not a priority, but you want to enclose certain parts of your yard, choose aluminum, spaced picket wood, vinyl, or chain-linked fences.
  • If you are looking for a simple barrier, a split rail or welded wire is a great option. 
  • If privacy and appeal are what you need in your pool area or yard, an aluminum fence is an excellent choice. It provides elements of security and also offers an elegant finish. 

Free Estimate for Custom Fencing in Asheville, NC

When you decide to install a custom fence, you have the flexibility to choose every aspect of the feature based on your needs. Regardless of the type of custom fence you choose to install, always work with a reputable fencing company in Asheville like ours. 

We will help you with aspects such as the nature of the property line, local regulations, and homeowner’s association (HOA) requirements. Get a custom fence that will meet all characteristics of durability, performance, and maintenance. Call us today, and get a free estimate for your custom fences