new fence ready for winterFences increase your home’s curb appeal and add another level of security. It can also keep pets and children in, keep unwanted animals out and give you some privacy. However, a fence will eventually need to be replaced. 

The elements can take their toll, and insects, moisture, and other environmental factors may affect your fence beyond repair. Signs a fence needs replacing include discoloration, warping, splintering, cracks, mold from excessive moisture, and insect infestation. 

What to Consider When Replacing an Existing Fence

When a fence begins to show signs of age, homeowners sometimes will need to replace a fence. Different types of materials will range in durability due to the weather and outdoors. Wood fences can last longer compared to vinyl or aluminum. However, wood fences will eventually require replacement after decades’ worth of service. 

Fences will need replacing when it’s not properly installed, or inferior material is used to build the original fence. If you purchase a low-grade piece of wood to build a fence, you will be replacing fence panels sooner than when you deal with a company that stands behind a warranty for a certain number of years. 

Chain link fences and certain styles of aluminum fences need to be replaced due to weather activity. In recent years, we’ve seen fences get destroyed by high winds during thunderstorms or hurricanes passing through. No matter the circumstances, when it’s time to replace a fence, there are some important things to think about. 

Property Considerations Before Replacing a Fence

The most important thing to consider before replacing a fence is to check your local zoning laws to see if you need a permit to replace an existing fence. You may still need to get a permit before installation, even if you plan to use the same materials and replace them with the same height. 

Many homeowners often make the mistake of not checking their local jurisdiction and end up paying expensive fees due to incorrect assumptions. 

The same is true for those homeowners who need to adhere to guidelines from their local Homeowners Association (HOA). When you replace a fence, check if the existing fence is set on your property line. If your current fence goes beyond your property line, replacing a fence is a good time to rectify that situation. 

Purchasing Considerations Before You Replace a Fence

When you need to replace a fence, look at the materials of your original fence, especially if you need to replace a wood fence due to rotting. Not all grades and types of wood are created equal. If you’re going to replace a wood fence, we recommend western red cedar, pressure-treated southern yellow pine, oak, and black locust. 

These wood types are among the best quality material for wood fences and are also low-maintenance. If you want a fence that you never have to worry about again, you may want to explore a higher grade of materials such as ornamental aluminum or vinyl. 

Fence Replacement in Asheville, NC

Do you have an existing fence that needs replacing? Contact us today, and one of our experts will come out and give you a quote for getting a replacement fence. You can also set up a contactless estimate session here.  

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