fence materialsA fence can provide both security and privacy to your property, giving you the freedom to enjoy your space while keeping both your children and pets safely contained. Asheville Fence carries a variety of fences that you can personalize and customize your residential property or local business. 

Whether you need to improve security or privacy or upgrade an existing fence, you can trust us for all your fencing needs. 

To learn more about our fence materials, here are a few options we offer:

Available Fence Materials in Asheville, NC

  • Chain Link: Chain link fencing by Asheville fence is an affordable option for transparent fences, allowing sunlight to permeate your outdoor space. Chain link fences are incredibly versatile, ranging from 4’ to 12’ in height. Our chain link fences come in a variety of colors designed to blend into the environment, supported with steel links, posts, and fitting for the highest level of security. With the right fence from Asheville Fence, you can expect years of protection, privacy, and value
  • Vinyl Fences: Asheville Fence offers vinyl fencing solutions and installation in a wide selection of styles. Vinyl fencing is low maintenance, long-lasting, and affordable, providing beauty that will last a lifetime. Vinyl fences have been a popular choice for Asheville, NC, residential and commercial properties because of the many benefits vinyl fences have to offer.
  • Dog Fences: Asheville Fence takes your pet’s safety seriously. That is why we’ve created a variety of dog fence options to serve as animal enclosure solutions perfect for veterinarians, breeders, and pet owners. With a high variety of dog fencing materials available, building kennel installation with Asheville Fence will meet your individual needs and expectations
  • Custom Fences: Asheville Fence has become a leader in custom fence installation throughout the Asheville, NC area. Adding fencing to your Asheville home or business is a great way to increase value and add curb appeal to your home. Your new fences should be both beautiful and high quality. If you have taken a look at our residential or commercial fencing options but have decided that you’d like a more personalized look to match your tastes and home’s style, contact Asheville Fence to learn about our custom fencing options. 

Fence Materials Availability Asheville, NC

When you work with Asheville Fence for your fencing installation needs, you’ll receive the look and security you want with the durability you need. Our full-service fencing company offers to consult for residential and commercial clients with and surrounding the Asheville area. 

With nearly two generations in the fencing industry, you can trust Asheville Fence in Asheville, NC, which is dedicated to building high-quality fences that are safe, durable, and attractive. 

Contact Asheville Fence today to get started on your fence and get an estimate from our professionals.