fence spring cleaningAsheville, North Carolina, is a beautiful place to live. Summers are warm and humid, and winters are short but very cold. With the weather being partly cloudy year-round, your wooden fence needs regular maintenance and upkeep to stay in good condition. Even though a wood fence is built strong and provides a lasting source of privacy and protection, they are not indestructible. During the first year, it’s normal to see some warping and splitting as the wood settles in the ground. Over the years, some fences may experience leaning issues like rotting, loose nails, or broken pickets. Here are a few regular fence maintenance tips to keep your fence in shape. 

How To Maintain Your Wood Fence in Asheville, NC

Look for Maintenance Issues

Once a year, walk along your fence and pay close attention to detail with a thorough inspection. Check pickets for dangerous loose nails and hammer them back in or replace them. Next, look for rotting or broken pickets that need to be restored. Wood pickets are easy to replace because panels can often be replaced as a DIY project. Clear any bushes and vines from the fence because it keeps less weight and moisture from damaging the pickets over time. Lastly, make sure posts are securely grounded and the soil is not washed away. 

Wash Your Fence

Your fence should look just as good as your home. To keep your fence looking free of mildew, clean your fence every six months or a year. Soak the wood with a specially-formulated fence cleaner or soap and water. Scrub with a long-handled brush, use a pressure washer, or hire a professional fence cleaning company. 

Paint or Re-Seal

If your fence no longer beads up on your fence but soaks in instead, it’s time to paint, re-stain, or re-seal. After you clean your fence, allow it to completely dry before choosing to re-stain, paint, or re-seal with a roller or brush. 

Prevent Issues

To keep your fence in great shape and long-lasting, avoid water sprinklers near your fence because the water will discolor the wood, and the extra moisture will increase the chance of rotting. Keep the growth of bushes and vines at bay. The extra weight of plants will cause stress issues and attract insects and moisture. 

How To Revive An Old Fence

Don’t start tearing down your old fence because there is a way that you can help bring it to life again. You will need a power washer to remove the stains from the wood. Allow the fence to completely dry before applying an exterior wood oil stain to preserve the new layer.

Your wood fence is a part of your home. Regular care and fence maintenance can provide lasting beauty for years to come. Asheville Fence has been providing quality installation and repairs in western North Carolina for two-generations. Contact us today for any inquiries and get a free local estimate.