How Do I Hide My Business’s Dumpster?

How Do I Hide My Business’s Dumpster?

Monday, 04 April 2022 14:54

Every business owner knows that the amount of trash generated, even from a small business, can be significant. Most commercial enterprises find themselves requiring the placement of a dumpster somewhere on their property to dispose of this waste quickly and adequately. But having an openly visible dumpster can cause a few issues. 


The most prominent of these issues is they are simply an eyesore that visually affects the aesthetic and cleanliness of the area. On top of just being more than a tad unsightly, lousy weather or improper dumping can lead to loose trash in the vicinity.

Having a dumpster unsecured is also a security hazard that opens up the business to vandalism. Because of this, most business and property owners opt for dumpster enclosures, and in certain areas, ordinances are in place requiring dumpsters to be in enclosed spaces.

How Do I Hide My Business’s Dumpster?

An adequately installed dumpster enclosure might seem like an unneeded expense, but it provides several benefits, including:

  • Keeps trash contained to one spot in the event of severe weather
  • Hinders access to the trash by animals
  • Prohibits access by unauthorized personnel, protects from possible vandalism or pilfering
  • Increases the aesthetic appeal of the building's exterior for customers
  • It puts you on the right side of state, city, or county ordinances

When looking to hide your business's dumpster from view, you need to consider the environment it is being placed into, design requirements, and the ability you will have to take care of any required maintenance.

Blend It into the Environment

You might hear the term ‘building envelope’ when discussing the design and architecture of buildings. The envelope is the area separating internal and exterior spaces. 

This area includes the physical wall structure, doors, windows, and other support and safety structures. Municipalities might require matching the existing building or property envelope when installing a dumpster enclosure. 

Simply this just means you should use similar building materials on the fence enclosure as were used on the exterior finish of the structure. Matching might involve using a similar material type, duplicating existing fencing, or as simple as matching the color scheme.  

An excellent commercial dumpster will be durable and match the style of the parent building. This doesn’t mean you need to get the fanciest fence; you simply want to blend it into the existing building and landscaping design. You want to prevent an eyesore, not create one. 

Use Appropriate Construction Materials

Dumpster enclosures experience heavy use. Before any final decisions are made on the enclosure's design, you will want to look at available materials that will meet your desired aesthetic, local ordinances and won’t degrade or need a replacement quickly. Putting in any fence is an investment in your property, and you want that investment to last as long as possible.

As with any type of fence, the enclosure environment will dictate the preferred material type. Steel and chain link fences that utilize privacy screens are popular due to their durability and the flexibility of personalization that different privacy screens provide. 

Steer clear of using a traditional wood fence for this commercial application. With higher maintenance requirements and greater susceptibility to weather, pests, and damage, you will need to repair or replace the enclosure more frequently. 

If you like the look, PVC (also referred to as vinyl) is the top choice. PVC dumpster enclosures come in various styles that can match any wood or metal enclosure while also being impervious to insects and moisture. PVC fencing will never rot, split, splinter, or decay and is extremely strong.

Professional Enclosure Installation

Whatever style of dumpster enclosure you choose, ensure that you have it properly installed. Choose a professional company that knows what local ordinances need to be adhered to and can do the job correctly the first time. A poorly installed fence will cost you upkeep and repairs in the long run.

For two generations, Asheville Fence has been the “go-to” fence contractor in western North Carolina. Our team can help you determine your business requirements for the enclosure and find a solution that meets your functional, aesthetic, and budgetary needs. We provide installation and ongoing service for Buncombe and surrounding counties.

If you need a dumpster enclosure installed, contact us online or call us at (828) 665-8900. We provide free local estimates and the highest levels of customer service, quality construction, and professional integrity through every phase of your project, no matter how big or small.