Baseball OutfieldAthletic field fences make a sporting field more secure and safe by keeping spectators and players apart. In some sports, such as baseball and soccer, the right fences are essential to protect against injuries from balls and property damage. 

When designing an athletic field fence, your top priority should be safety. However, a good fence also allows an unobstructed view of the field for sports lovers to watch the game. 

In most cases, a chain-link fence is the right choice. These fences stand up to all kinds of game-day wear and tear. The wire mesh provides an open view and is very versatile, which makes it a good choice when designing an athletic field fence. 

Athletic Field Fence Asheville, NC

Here is what you need to know about athletic fencing here in western North Carolina. 

Baseball and Softball

A fast-flying baseball or softball can do a lot of harm to a person or property. It can smash windows and fatally wound people. Players sometimes will also lose their grips and send a bat through the air. A fence along the side of the field should be around 4 to 6 feet tall, and the backstops must be 25 feet tall to protect spectators. 

Outfield fencing should have bright tubing on the top rail for players to see the top of the fence. The tubing also pads the rails, protecting players that collide with the fence. 

Dugouts typically have a front railing, but may also be completely enclosed. 

Football and Track and Field

Football is a high-impact, high-intensity sport that will always have some degree of risk for its athletes. You should always look for ways to improve the safety of everyone involved by installing football fencing. 

Most school’s football fields are surrounded by a running track. Fencing is installed to increase safety when playing football, provide better ball containment, and improve spectator experiences. 

The fence around the track should be at least 4 feet tall, and the field will need several different types of gates for players, coaches, and spectators to enter the field or bleachers. 

Asheville Fence Athletic Fencing

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