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Privacy Fences

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Privacy Fences

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You probably already know that installing a privacy fence is a smart way to add value and security to your home, but there other, less-obvious benefits as well. But first we’ll start by addressing security and value as the most important reasons a privacy fence should be first on your list of this year’s home remodels.

Asheville Fence has been installing privacy fences for over five decads.  Call one of our fence professionals today for your free consultation.

5 Benefits of a Privacy Fence

Security & Value

Did you know that having a privacy fence around your property can drastically lower your homeowner insurance rates? Depending on your insurance carrier, you can pay far less for coverage and in time your privacy fence will have paid for itself and more. A well-built, well-maintained privacy fence will also increase your home’s resale value should you ever decide to sell.


Privacy fences allow you to have gatherings with friends and family in seclusion without disturbing neighbors and, sometimes more importantly, without neighbors disturbing you. Keeping up good neighbor relations is important, and with a privacy fence it’s that much easier.

Animal Boundary

Outdoor pets need a confined space to roam and play. A privacy fence serves both to keep them on your property and keep them from becoming a nuisance to neighbors and vice versa. A privacy fence also keeps stray animals from wandering into your yard and doing damage to your property or injuring loved ones.

Protection From Weather

When severe weather strikes in Western North Carolina, high winds can damage your backyard and everything contained in it. A well-built privacy fence will protect your garden, outdoor living spaces and home by providing a protective barrier from damaging winds.

Property Delineation

A privacy fence provides a boundary demarcation between yours and your neighbors’ property. As mentioned before, keeping up neighbor relations is a valuable step in building a strong neighborhood. When a fence is installed on property lines, it serves as a clear indication where each neighbor is permitted to mow, plant and build.

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