Pool Fence Code AshevilleAs summer begins and pools are getting ready to open, the importance of having a safe and secure fence for your pool area becomes clear. For those of us living in the state of North Carolina, the pool fence code requires pool fences to be a minimum of four feet high with no more than four inches between pickets.

Of course, with all of the materials, colors, and other design elements that go into designing a fence, the specific requirements and restrictions in the state of North Carolina’s pool fence code can be daunting. Asheville Fence in Candler, NC, can help make this process a bit easier for pool owners.

What Are the Pool Fence Codes in North Carolina?

Are you living in or near Asheville and considering installing a pool in your backyard? Safety is paramount, especially if you have children. North Carolina has specific laws that apply to the pool fence code and require pool owners to install a pool fence meeting specific requirements.

The regulations in North Carolina regarding pool fencing involve several factors, including the minimum fence height, fencing material, latch type, etc. Fences must be at least 48 inches in height above the ground and 4 inches off the pool deck, cannot have hands or footholds, or be easily climbed. 

Additionally, the fence must be constructed of non-climbable material such as vinyl, aluminum, or a chain link with vertical or diagonal bracing. Also, the self-closing, self-latching latch must be installed between 54 and 64 inches from the ground.

Installing a pool fence in your backyard is not only mandated by the state, but also provides your family with much-needed security. However, it can be a difficult task and requires a lot of attention to detail. Fortunately, there are pool safety professionals like Asheville Fence that can help.

What Asheville Fence Has to Offer for Pool Fences

Asheville Fence offers professional pool fence installation that can be customized to meet your specific needs. With professional installation, you can have the assurance that your pool is safely enclosed and meets all safety regulations. 

Plus, the professional installation also provides the opportunity to have a customized design to give your pool the perfect look you are going for. Whether you are looking for a secure enclosure or something decorative, Asheville Fence can make sure your fence looks great and is safe for your pool. 

For those looking to customize their pool fence, Asheville Fence can accommodate this request with a wide selection of fencing styles, materials, and gates from which to choose. 

Pool Fence Installation in Asheville, NC

Do you need a professional pool fence installation to keep your family and loved ones safe? Whether you have an above-ground or in-ground pool, having a secure fence is essential for ensuring the safety of your pool environment.

At Asheville Fence, our pool fencing installation is quick, efficient, and professionally done, so you can be sure you and your family are protected. All our pool fences meet local regulations and codes, and you can be sure you're getting a durable and secure fence that is tailored to your individual needs. We also provide timely, dependable installation services, and ongoing maintenance support.

To make sure your pool is safe and secure, trust Asheville Fencing for professional pool fence installation. Get in touch with us today to discuss your options and schedule an installation date.