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Ornamental Fences

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Ornamental Fences

Sophistication & Charm

Ornamental means “decorative,” but don’t let the name fool you—this is not just a fence for decoration. Our ornamental fences are made of aluminum or steel fashioned in an aesthetically pleasing style to add both character and security to your property. Not only do these fences make your home or business stand out in the neighborhood, they’re also exceptionally durable, able to stand up well against the elements with a limited amount of maintenance. Ornamental fencing is available in a variety of designs to match nearly any architectural style or motif.

These fences are specifically designed to add beauty, security and character to your property. Due to its durability, an ornamental metal fence will make your home or business stand out in the neighborhood for many years to come. Call a fence professional today at Asheville Fence and ask about the unique beauty and benefits of installing an ornamental metal fence at your home or business.

5 Benefits of a Ornamental Fence

Versatility & Security

Ornamental metal fences work well for any type of property, from apartment complexes to private homes to office buildings. They can be used to enhance the security and privacy of your home, close off a pool area from young children, keep your pets safely corralled and clearly define your property line.


The metals used for ornamental fences are strong, durable and can withstand harsh weather conditions for years with no signs of wear or deterioration. On top of that, ornamental fences require very little to no maintenance.

Aesthetic Appeal

An ornamental fence enhances the aesthetic appeal of your home or business. The metal can be made in many different styles with an unending variety of unique decorative features. An ornamental fence will instantly improve the look of your home and landscaping.

Rust Resistant

If you’re looking for a fence that won’t require painting, repairs and regular upkeep, an ornamental metal fence is your best bet. Since it’s made of rust-resistant materials, your fence will retain its good looks through years of blistering summers and frigid winters.

Increase Property Value

Installing an ornamental fence will make your home or business property worth more money. Curb appeal is an extremely important component of a home’s value and surrounding yours with a stylish and beautiful ornamental fence will instantly raise the value.

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