AF landing Fence Repair asheville fenceThe secret is out about Asheville. It seems like we went from being a small mountain city to a bustling and sprawling urban center overnight. It’s almost as if cranes are as much a fixture of the downtown skyline as the art deco buildings and mile-high mountains. Home and property owners have seen their investments grow substantially as thousands of people move to Buncombe and Henderson counties each year as Asheville tops more and more lists about the best places to live in North Carolina, the South, and even the country. A few of the factors that attract people to our corner of the mountains include:

  • Beautiful views of the Appalachian Mountains 
  • Too many hiking trails to count
  • World-class mountain biking areas such as Bent Creek, Dupont State Forest, and Fontana Lake
  • Pristine waterways in which to fly fish or float in on a tube or in a kayak
  • Numerous parks and disc golf courses 
  • Premium food and culture

There is a lot to love about Asheville. If you have fencing, you want it to be as beautiful as your neighborhood and the surrounding scenery. However, there is too much to enjoy to waste time spending repairing a derelict fence on your property. Asheville Fence is here to help you with the highest quality fence repair in western North Carolina.

Repairing Fences in Asheville 

Does your fence need to be repaired? Can you tell? Sometimes it’s obvious when a fence needs to be repaired; other times, it can be a tough call figuring out if it needs to be completely replaced.

Our experts are happy to help figure out the best course of action for your particular situation, and how to make repairs as seamlessly as possible with your existing set-up. 

A good rule of thumb: if more than 30% needs to be repaired, it will be more cost-effective to replace the fence. Even then, where you or your neighbors might see an old, grey fence and believe that it’s in disrepair, we often find that the fence is salvageable at a much lower cost than tearing everything down and starting fresh. 

Before you tear your fence down or sink hours into trying to repair a fence that is too far gone, contact Asheville Fence. We can help you determine whether your fence is salvageable, the best strategy for repair, and if you need a new fence, we can help you with that as well.