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Farm Fences

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Farm Fences

Keep Your Farm Animals Safe

When you own a farm, there are numerous benefits to having a good fence to protect your assets, whether those include crops, livestock, or a combination of the two. Dividing your land and establishing borders, especially near water resources, are critical for maintaining a well-organized, environmentally safe farm.  Asheville Fence has been helping farmers keep their farm assets safe for over five decades.

5 Benefits of a Farm Fence


Fences can be used to keep livestock from wandering off or getting into areas they’re not allowed in. If your farm is near a road, a fence protects your animals from getting into unfortunate accidents with vehicles. Fences can also separate animals that cannot live in the same space.


Fences help divide your farm into sections, allowing you to separate grazing areas from production spaces. You and your employees will have a clear idea of the flow of work. Animals will also have their own space to relax and roam freely without interfering with production or contaminating areas they shouldn’t be in.

Water Resources

Fence installations should include setting borders around streams, wetlands, and any other bodies of water near your property. Fences will limit your livestock’s from accessing the water, protecting them and the resource. Animals can cause banks to erode and will pollute water with their waste and usage. A fence built alongside plant waterway margins for vegetation helps filter runoff and improves water quality.


A fence installation around the perimeter of your farm protects your crops and livestock as well as any other buildings from unwelcome guests. The addition of a fence creates a barrier that makes it harder for intruders to get onto your property and clearly demarcates the property line you share with your neighbor.

Legal Requirements

Having a fenced-in area for animals is the law in some towns. As a farm owner, you are legally obligated to keep your animals away from your neighbors and other nearby private property. The fence reassures your neighbors no animals will get free and wander onto their land.

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