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Dog Fences

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Dog Fences

Dogs Love Us. You Will Too!

All dogs need time to play outdoors, socialize with other pets, and explore new terrain. Dog fences let owners train dogs without leaving their own backyard and they can prevent your dog from getting lost or stolen.  Above ground fences are also safer than electric underground fencing.  Shock collars have been shown to traumatize dogs.  Asheville Fence has instralled thousands of dog fences throughout Western North Carolina.  Call us now for a free quote!  

5 Benefits of a Dog Fence


Allowing your dog to stay outside makes house training easier. Over time, your dog will learn to go to the bathroom outdoors which is their preference.

Bonding Experience

A dog fence enhances the bonding experience you'll get with your dog. Nothing builds a relationship with your pet like playing together outdoors.


By allowing your dog to roam and play outdoors, they'll get the minimum of 30 minutes of daily excercise to keep their bones and joints healthy and strong.


Above ground fencing is much more humane than underground electric fencing which uses shock collars to keep your dog contained. Studies have shown that many dogs suffer emotional distress with a shock collar.


Your dog(s) will learn to socialize with other pets in the yard. They'll create a bond with your other pets much easier while also learning to exist with other animals.

Recent Dog Fence Projects

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