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Custom Fencing

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Custom Fencing

I Did It My Way

Do you have a special project where a conventional fence design won’t fit your needs?  Our highly skilled team can help design, fabricate, and install a wood fencing solution built just for you.

3 Benefits of a Custom Fence


If you need a fence for a strange or irregular space (near the pool and some flower beds, or adjacent to your house and the carport) it is probably better to let us custom desgn a fence rather than it is to try to make the manufactured ones fit.

Make A Statement

Considering that relaxing, gardening and entertaining are the top three uses for outdoor spaces, it is well worth it to invest in landscaping and hardscaping elements. Don’t be afraid to ask Asheville Fence to make your fence unique — whether it’s with unique cutouts, or personalized fence posts.

Protection & Privacy

Many applications for fences are for stockade, or privacy fences. You may want to shield your yard or pool from prying eyes, but why let a big, solid fence retract from the beauty of your property. Getting a custom fence made and installed in order to compliment your existing yard elements is a great way to protect your privacy and drive up the value of your home.

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