The Asheville area is among the best cities in the country to own and start a business. For thirty years Buncombe County has been steadily growing, welcoming thousands of new residents every year. With new people, new companies have started or moved their operations to the largest city at its elevation east of the Mississippi.

The elevation is part of what attracts people to our area. Other factors include:

  • The best hiking and mountain biking near any urban area on the East Coast
  • Multiple access points to the historic Blue Ridge Parkway
  • Outdoor sports like whitewater rafting, kayaking, and mountain climbing
  • Backpacking and wilderness camping throughout that is never too far from home
  • The best fly fishing in North Carolina
  • Premiere shopping opportunities
  • A renowned food and beverage scene that is regularly featured on television 
  • Mild weather that includes cool summer evenings and occasional snow in the winter
  • The colors of fall and spring 

As we enter a new decade, cranes join mile-high mountains as prominent features in the Asheville skyline. From hotels and apartments to offices and tech companies, the new buildings are being filled with great new businesses providing quality jobs for our area. If you own or run a business in the Asheville area, you know the importance of protecting your property and your staff. You also know that in such a beautiful setting, it is vital to make sure whatever fencing you choose is as aesthetically pleasing as it is functionally appropriate. 

Asheville Fence has been helping business owners meet and exceed their fencing goals for nearly five decades. If you are searching for fencing and guardrail solutions, we are here to help. This comprehensive guide will help you get the process started, identify the type of fencing that is right for you, and see how you can benefit from quality access control products.

This guide is divided into 3 sections:

  1. Types of Commercial Fencing
  2. Guardrail Installation 
  3. Access Control

Please feel free to contact us with additional questions you may have. We want to make sure you have the product that will serve your business most effectively.

1) Types of Commercial Fencing

The type of fencing you need will be in part determined by the purpose and budget for it. There is a wide range of potential fencing needs in the Asheville area, including:

  • Protecting your business and commercial property while employees and customers are on the premises 
  • Athletic fencing that can be easily moved and removed
  • Protecting your property after hours 
  • Protecting residents and guests of your multi-family housing units or hotel
  • Protecting vehicles and storage units, while still allowing owners access to their property
  • Protecting people from your equipment
  • Providing privacy aesthetically pleasing privacy barriers for patrons
  • Enclosing dumpster and waste areas
  • Protecting and separating animals and farm property
  • Temporary fencing to be erected and removed quickly

Asheville Fence can help you determine the right type of fencing for your specific needs. Various types of fencing include:


Athletic Fencing

Many athletic fields are regularly repurposed so fencing solutions must often be temporary, erected and broken down easily, so the field can be used soon after for other activities. Whether inside or out, permanent or temporary, you need to protect spectators while ensuring your reduce injury. Indoor and outdoor fencing solve a variety of needs for any sport, including:

  • Baseball: outfield, baseline, and backstop fencing
  • Softball: outfield, baseline, and backstop fencing
  • Batting cages: recessed poles, soft toss areas, high visibility, tensioned bottom cables to reduce fall risk from rolling balls or pooled netting, and divider nets available
  • Football: setups for traditional 11-on-11, 7-on-7, flag football, and peewee events
  • Soccer: staging available for adult league, youth league, multiple AYSO, or tournaments
  • Futsal: options similar to soccer, with ball-containment netting and fencing available
  • Lacrosse: premium fencing, netting, and barriers available

Learn more about Athletic Fencing

Asheville Fence can help you facilitate a safe, enjoyable experience for players and spectators alike.

chainlink pricing guide

Chain Link Fencing

Though its appearance is rather utilitarian, chain link fencing is the most versatile solution for a variety of businesses. It can be installed quickly, and its use of interlocking steel wires makes it durable while requiring little maintenance. Chain link fencing can be used to secure your commercial property affordably. Barbed wire arms, barbed wire, or razor wire can be applied to add additional security, and galvanized steel or vinyl panels can be installed to add additional privacy.

Chain link is perfect for:

  • Industrial properties
  • Deterring curious explorers
  • Reducing criminal activity
  • Protecting equipment 
  • Non-customer facing protection
  • Protecting large areas

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ornamental fence pricing


  • Lighter than steel
  • Durable and resistant to corrosion
  • Recyclable material 
  • Works on slopes and grades
  • Aesthetically appealing
  • Costs less than steel
  • Long lifespan


  • Heavier and stronger than aluminum
  • Works on slopes and grades
  • More sturdy and secure against break-ins
  • May require additional maintenance 
  • More expensive than aluminum 
  • Aesthetically appealing
  • Long lifespan

We specialize in Ameristar Ornamental Styles Fencing. We prefer this brand for its fusion and laser-welded design, incredible strength, and finished with E-Coat that prevents corrosion without repeated paintings. 

Businesses use ornamental fencing for many purposes, including:

  • Customer-facing fencing protection
  • Securing property for customers and employees
  • Creating outdoor areas
  • Protecting hotel and apartment pools
  • Protecting playground areas and water features

Learn more about Ornamental Fencing

Dumpster Enclosures

Dumpster enclosures are important for companies from hotels to restaurants to industrial facilities. Various municipality and state regulations dictate details of your commercial dumpster enclosure.

You need to make sure you utilize products that:

  • Comply with state, city, or county ordinances
  • Keeps animals out
  • Keeps people out
  • Hides unsightly trash 

Dumpster enclosures experience heavy use, and so must be made properly and with quality materials. We have components ranging from wood to steel, designed for industrial to personal use. 

Farm and Ranch Fencing

Farm and ranch fences come in a variety of customizable options. The best option for you will depend on many factors, such as the terrain of your land, livestock being contained, area predators, budget, etc. We offer ranch rail in both vinyl and wood, as well as T-post fencing. These fences will clearly demarcate your land, making the property line clear that you share with your neighbors, as well as helping to deter unwelcome guests.

Learn more about Farm & Ranch Fences


2) Guardrails / Guiderails

In addition to general fencing, Asheville Fence can help with various indoor and outdoor guardrail needs. 

Roadside Use

With the diversity of terrain in our area, roadsides require protective barriers to keep drivers safe. Guard rails are generally made of galvanized steel rails when they are found on the side of highways. These rails are used to protect vehicles from crossing into other lanes of traffic or falling down a dangerous area beside the roadway. 

However, in residential areas throughout western North Carolina, guardrails are also used to demarcate and alert drivers to switchbacks, sharp curves, or steep drop-offs. Neighborhood guardrails can be made from natural materials such as timber to better blend with the western North Carolina surrounds. Asheville Fence installs installing both Department of Transportation (DOT) guardrails and well as residential guardrails.

Commercial Indoor Use

For the safety of your staff and to comply with OSHA Standards in the U.S. state that state employees who work on surfaces that are 4 feet or higher off of the ground must have personal fall protection systems in place, we provide indoor barriers such as handrails or guardrails. 

Guardrails are used in facility settings, in order to protect a company’s employees, expensive equipment, and maintain compliance with building safety codes. They are commonly installed at platform ends and incorporated within mezzanine structures in industrial sites, such as in warehouses or factories.

Each indoor guardrail installation will take into account these two factors:

  • Installation requirements: building your guardrail according to OSHA standards and IBC code
  • Load level: how many pounds of pressure per square foot the guardrail will need to be capable of handling

When you are installing guardrails in your facility, it is important to work with professionals to ensure compliance with federal and state laws and avoid hefty fines.

Learn more about Guardrail


3) Automated Gate Systems and Access Control

With commercial properties, there are likely multiple people using your fencing and entering through your gates. Automated gates and access control systems ensure your business’s accessibility while providing an additional level of security for your property. 

There are many benefits to utilizing automated gate technology, including:

  • Security: Unfortunately, nefarious characters can pick locks or use bolt-cutters to break into hand-operated gates. Automatic gate operators provide additional security and a significant barrier to would-be burglars. If security is a concern for your company, automated gate systems are your best choice. 
  • Convenience: It is more convenient and efficient for you and your staff to be able to remain in your vehicles as you enter and leave the premises. While traditional, manual gates require you to exit your vehicle whenever you pass through the gate, automated gate systems, and access control technology allow you to avoid exposure to outside weather, people, or animals. Furthermore, it is safer for you and your employees to control the gate by remote control, key switches, or swipe cards.
  • Reduced likelihood of injuries: Automated gates operate on solid motors that control the opening and closing of the mechanism, using safeguards based on sensors and motorized tracks. This helps avoid the dangers posed by unbalanced manual gate systems. 
  • Entry/departure monitoring: Automatic access control systems such as card readers, wireless keypad, transmitters, or telephone entry systems are a great tool for keeping track of everyone entering and exiting your property. This also provides real-time updates on delivery arrivals and departures. 

Asheville fence can help with a variety of automated gate systems, including:

  • Cantilever
  • Swing
  • Double swing
  • Sliding

There are two means by which you can power your automated gate: 

  1. Electric Automated Gate Systems: These gate systems work any material, including vinyl, iron, chain link, or wood. They are available in various designs. They will require a conduit to run from the gate to your electrical box.
  2. Solar Automatic Gate Systems: These gate systems work with most materials and are the most energy-efficient solution. Though the investment for a solar gate system may be higher initially, over time they can reduce your overall energy costs.  

Gate Operator and Access Control Maintenance: 

Like any mechanical system, automated gate operators and access control systems do require routine and proper maintenance to ensure their proper function and lengthen their lifespan.

At Asheville Fence, our expert technicians follow an extensive checklist when the perform gate operator maintenance:

  • Check to see if hinges are working smoothly and lubricated properly.
  • Check belts and chains for looseness and wear.
  • Check for proper fluid levels.
  • Check and test safety controls (safety loops and photocells) for proper operation.
  • Check and test accessories (such as the exit device, SOS, timer, etc.) for proper operation. 
  • Check to make sure the gate reversing sensor is working properly.
  • Check for proper operation of the radio receiver and antenna connections.
  • Check batteries for gate operator and proper operation of battery backup.
  • Check for proper operation of telephone entry/keypad.
  • Check all wire connections in telephone entry/keypad and gate operator.
  • Clean gate operator cover.
  • Check the operator for UL325 compliance.

Asheville Fence provides annual preventative maintenance agreements that ensure your gate operators will be inspected and maintained 1 to 4 times each year, depending on use and other factors. 

All users receive a 10% discount on any parts and labor not already included in the agreement, and any service calls will be priced at a reduced rate. Users only stand to gain by signing up for our preventative maintenance agreements. Use the form to sign up today. 

Commercial fencing is vital for protecting your business property, employees, and patrons. If you are searching for fencing for your business property, make sure you invest in a product with which you will be happy moving forward. If you would like to speak with the fencing experts at Asheville Fence, contact us. We are happy to help you walk through the process of choosing and installing the fencing that will be best for your unique situation.

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