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Chain Link Fence

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Chain Link Fence

chain link fence

Asheville Fence Has Installed Miles of Chain Link Fence

Today’s new chain-link fence offers you more variety more value and more durability to beautify and protect your home. Chain-link fence can magically blend into the surrounding landscape or create a statelier image for your property and home.

It also carries significant functional value. From construction sites to playgrounds to backyards, there are a number of different situations where chain link fencing can be an excellent option. While it might not be the most elegant fencing option, it is certainly reliable when it comes to utilitarianism. It can go up quickly and it’ll keep a space secure.

Asheville Fence also carries many different types of chain link gates that will complement your fence.

5 Benefits of Chain Link Fence

Provides Security

At the jobsite, it'll keep the area secure and help to make sure that the only entrants are those who are permitted. At home, it can help to put your mind at ease by keeping kids and pets in the yard.

Low Maintenance

Galvanized chain link fencing has been chemically treated to keep maintenance low and the lifespan long. Also, fencing that has been galvanized is rust-resistant, making it all the more desirable for its functionality.

Vinyl Covering

If you want to upgrade the aesthetic value of the chain link fencing, you can add a vinyl covering to it. A popular color is black because it makes the fence nearly invisible from a distance.

Fast Install

If you need fencing to be put up in a hurry---whether for commercial or residential purposes---this type of fence is likely the best option for you. Asheville Fence has a crew who are highly skilled and fast.


Compared to other types of fencing, this type of fence is a low cost option. Nonetheless, it can hold up over the longer term. It's also one of the most popular types of fencing in Western North Carolina.

Recent Chain Link Fence Projects

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