What You Need to Know About Ornamental Fencing

What You Need to Know About Ornamental Fencing

Saturday, 10 October 2020 19:26

The towns and cities around western North Carolina are some of the most beautiful in the South, and Asheville itself is a truly unique city. People have been discovering our area for decades and buying houses rapidly. Some houses seem to disappear from the market as quickly as they are listed. Homeowners throughout the area have seen their property values skyrocket over the years, even in some of the more remote locations. 

Whether you are a long-time resident or you have recently purchased a home in Buncombe, Madison, Henderson, Haywood, or surrounding counties, you have something special. Property owners in Asheville and western North Carolina know how important it is to choose the right fencing material.

While there are many excellent options offered by Asheville Fence, ornamental fencing provides the right balance of beauty and security for home and property owners. Here are 7 things you need to know about ornamental fencing.

What You Need to Know About Ornamental Fencing 

1) What is Ornamental Fencing?

Ornamental fences can be made from either aluminum or steel, fashioned in an aesthetically pleasing design that matches the style and architecture of your property. These fences can be customized to match many types of decor, from glamorous decorative pieces to classic rails. They are some of the most beautiful fencing options for your home or commercial property. 

2) How Sturdy is Ornamental Fencing?

Do not mistake beauty for lack of strength. Ornamental fencing is some of the sturdiest fencing on the market. That means you can count on this type of fence to provide a level of protection to your residential and commercial property. 

3) Does Ornamental Fencing Hold Up to Western North Carolina Weather?

One of the best attributes of western North Carolina is the pleasant weather. Cool summers and relatively mild winters characterize most of the French Broad Valley. However, we also receive our fair share of rain, sleet, snow, hail, and wind. Our ornamental fencing products are built with the strength to withstand a lot of wind, and an E-Coat finish that guards against corrosion. 

4) How Much Maintenance Do Ornamental Fences Require?

There is plenty to do in the Asheville area, so you and your family do not want to spend their weekends painting and maintaining their fencing. Business owners want a fencing product that looks great and will not cost them a fortune in repairs and maintenance. Ornamental fencing requires very little ongoing maintenance. Once it is installed, you can count on it to look great and function well for many years to come. 

5) Is Ornamental Fencing Compliant with My Town, County, and HOA?

Obviously, the answer to this question will depend on your exact location and municipality or HOA requirements; however, this product is one of the more common compliant types of fencing. It’s beauty and versatility make it rare to be targeted by regulators. 

6) Will Ornamental Fencing Add Value to My Property?

While it is impossible to know for sure exactly what impact ornamental fencing will have on your property value, it is unlikely to do anything but make it go up. Ornamental fencing is beautiful and strong, so it will typically be considered an asset to your home or commercial property. Since it does not show its age, it will likely be in great shape with many more years of use when it comes time to explore the market for your house or business. 

7) Are There Other Benefits of Ornamental Fencing?

Yes, some of the benefits include:

  • Ornamental fencing is available in aluminum or steel
  • Ornamental fencing is aesthetically appealing in your home or neighborhood
  • Ornamental fencing provides visibility into the yard and the space for wind to pass through the fence
  • Ornamental fencing is strong enough to keep children and/or pets in a designated area
  • Aluminum ornamental fencing is rust-resistant, with no painting required
  • Ornamental fencing is perfect for pool enclosures
  • Ornamental fencing is highly versatile and customizable

There is a lot to appreciate about ornamental fencing. If you are convinced you at least need to consider it as your fencing solution, reach out to Asheville Fence. We have high-quality ornamental fencing options and we can walk you through our other products as well. Contact Asheville Fence today