What Is the Best Fencing for Farm Animals

What Is the Best Fencing for Farm Animals

Monday, 04 January 2021 12:44

As a farmer, you have a lot of responsibilities to juggle - and a lot of equipment that goes into ensuring your operations are as safe, effective, and efficient as possible. Fencing is one of the most critical; after all, it protects your animals, establishes boundaries, blocks off hazards, and helps you maintain a well-run farm. You need the best of the best, but what does that mean? What is the best fencing for farm animals?


What Is the Best Fencing for Farm Animals? 

Farm Fencing: One Size Does Not Fit All

What kind of livestock do you have? Do you have permanent paddocks and pens? Do you need the flexibility of portable fencing? Let’s take a look at some key considerations as you choose the best fencing for your farm animals:


When it comes to horse fencing, you need visibility. Or rather, the horses do! If they can’t see a fence, they can run into it and, depending on the material, become entangled. This is dangerous for them - and costly for you. To avoid trouble, and keep your horses safe, you can use heavy-duty wood or vinyl post and board fences or lightweight wide-strand electrified poly tape. The former is best installed by pros, and because of its weight and other factors, it’ll be a permanent solution. The latter is as effective and more portable.


Barbed wire has been the traditional choice, and it’s still widely used. However, high-tensile wire fencing with treated wood posts is popping up on more and more farms. To separate bulls from cows, use a larger gauge wire and thicker posts. And electrification offers the best in terms of containment.


Keep your hogs contained and safe with feedlot panels. This type of fencing is great for livestock with a penchant for making a run at fences and trying to ram their way out. They are strong, easy to configure to suit your unique needs, durable, and safe.

Many farmers also opt for electrified high-tensile wire fencing for their hogs. If you’re not sure about the right route for your farm, the Asheville Fence team is happy to help.


Farmers with goats tend to be especially partial to these tough old… goats. But they also know that they are master escape artists. If you’d rather not chase your livestock down the road or through fields and forest, try goat net wire fencing with the posts sunk close together - and then electrify it.

A Word on Electrified Fencing 

Electrified fencing does not harm animals, nor are they unsafe. Instead, they create a psychological barrier. They deliver an unpleasant shock that deters livestock from escaping and keeps unwanted animals from entering the enclosed area.

When using an electrified fence, be sure that your fencer or charger is powerful enough to accommodate the full length of the wire. For example, if you are using two strands of wire, multiply the perimeter length by two. You must also ground the fence properly to prevent serious injuries.

Your Solution for Farm Fencing 

Asheville Fence has extensive experience in evaluating farmers’ needs and recommending and installing the best choice for their livestock. Our fences are cost-effective, durable, customizable, versatile, and safe. The best fencing for farm animals depends on a variety of factors; we take the time to listen and understand your farm and livestock so we can deliver optimal solutions. If you are in the Asheville area, contact us today to learn more