Does My Pool Need a Fence?

Does My Pool Need a Fence?

Friday, 03 June 2022 05:03

You can just see it now: Summer get-togethers and parties for families and friends by the pool. You’re dreaming of putting in that pool and the fun birthday parties your children will be able to have. You’re imagining what it would be like to have a weekend relaxing in the sun and floating on the water. 

So you and the family decide to put in a pool, finally.

Installling a pool can be so exciting as you keep thinking of the fun and relaxation you’ll be able to have. However, don’t forget about the serious things you must consider when putting in a pool. We want you to have your fun in the sun, but we also want everyone to be able to enjoy it with as minimal risk as possible.

Now that you’ve decided to get the pool, you’re also going to need to think about fencing or barriers to put around the pool.


“Do I Really Need to Install a Fence?”

We understand that it can be frustrating having to consider extra expenses on top of an already pricey commitment such as a pool. So you may be wrestling with the idea of getting a fence or not. Maybe you’ve already convinced yourself that you don’t plan to get one, and you’ll be fine without it.

Before you carry through on your decision to bypass a boundary around your pool, consider these three things.

1. City and State Regulations 

As we mentioned in a previous blog about considering pool fences, you’ll want to check with your county for codes and regulation requirements. Information is typically easy to find on codes and regulations for the county and your particular state with a small amount of research or a quick phone call to your county.

For the state of North Carolina, all pools (both in-ground and above-ground) require a four-foot barrier surrounding them. Fences may require a certain type of fencing between county and state, so be sure to check the specifics before just installing a fence.

2. Safety

We’ve mentioned in several of our earlier blogs the importance of pool safety. It can be easy to get started and not think of all the safety requirements and precautions you’ll need to take. Your mind may be stuck on “fun in the sun” for the summer, but before you get your bathing suits ready, let’s consider safety so that you can really have fun and minimize risks.

People and things to think about that your new pool could potentially pose a risk to:

  • Children: Especially considering young children and those who can not swim well. Sometimes Children can get out of our site so quickly, and the next thing you know, they could be in the pool because of a lack of precaution.
  • Pets: Whether your pets know how to swim or not, they may not have the knowledge to stay away from filters or how to exit the pool before exhaustion.
  • Wild Animals: From frogs, to raccoons, to bears, to countless other wildlife can wander into your pool unwanted.
  • Neighbors, Friends, and Family
  • Trespassers

Of course, the number one risk a pool can pose is accidental drowning. What can help eliminate potential drowning?:

  • Proper barriers, pool covers, and alarms
  • Ensuring that those who enter the pool know how to swim or wear proper flotation devices.
  • Know CPR, first-aid, and basic lifeguarding knowledge
  • Sufficient drain covers
  • Established and enforced pool-behavior rules

3. Homeowner Insurance and Liability

I’m sure we’ve all thought about it, “There’s no way if a trespasser got injured or drowned at my pool I could be held liable in court.” As mind boggling as it may sound, if you have not taken the proper precautions and followed the correct code and regulations to upkeep your pool, it could be considered neglect and hold you responsible for the injury or drowning.

With that being said, a lawsuit could happen, and/or your homeowner’s insurance could become more expensive.

It’s important to not only consider the safety of everyone who may enter your premises but also to protect yourself from unexpected expenses and unexpected liability. Be sure to check your codes and regulations!

Asheville Fence

Asheville Fence has been serving western North Carolina since 1966 and has been the top choice as fence and guardrail contracting for the City of Asheville and NCDOT. If you are considering fencing for your pool or any other area of your property, we’d be happy to talk with you. 

You can visit our product page to get an estimate, or if you need help figuring out what type of fencing is best for you, give us a call at 828-665-8900. We will help you every step of the way!