A New Fence for the New Year

A New Fence for the New Year

Tuesday, 08 December 2020 11:31

Residents of Asheville and western North Carolina have been looking forward to this new year. When the calendar rolls over to January 1, it is always an opportunity to start over. After a challenging previous year fraught with all sorts of unexpected difficulties, people in our area are anticipating this new year more than ever. 

You have probably been thinking and talking with your family about what kind of changes you might make. Many Asheville area residents have found themselves stuck at home more than usual, and that is not set to change just yet. With the increased time at your house, you may have already begun to take on home-improvement projects. This new year might be the perfect opportunity to improve your home’s fencing. Here are five key reasons to get a new fence in the new year.


5 Reasons for a New Fence in the New Year

1) It is time to update your home’s security.

Is your home security in desperate need of an upgrade? Property in western North Carolina has become increasingly valuable over the last several decades. Rising property values seem to be the ongoing trend as more and more people move to our area. In fact, the real estate market is one of the few aspects of our economy that continued to grow throughout the previous year. It is vital for Asheville area property owners to take steps to protect their homes, property, and the people who matter most. 

One of the best most efficient security upgrades you can make is the purchase of a new fence. The right fencing product is both a deterrent for burglars and protects against those who would try anyway.

2) You are considering investing in a pool.

Some families found that the increased time at home provided quality time to spend together. In the new year, the prospect of returning to normal has made some families consider what they might do to ensure that they continue spending quality time with each other. 

Rather than going to the community pool, you may be thinking about installing an in-ground or above-ground swimming option at your home. If you are, you’ll definitely need a fence to appease your insurance company and protect yourself from liability.

3) You have updated your outdoor living space.

Have you updated your outdoor living space? Western North Carolinians found that being cooped up inside all day was not what they signed up for when they decided to move to the mountains. Homeowners across the area have gone to great lengths to update their own outdoor living spaces. 

If you have upgraded your space or you are considering updates for your patio, deck, and yard, you may find that you need additional fencing options. Maybe you want a little more privacy in your backyard, or your fence is too utilitarian in appearance and no longer fits your backyard's aesthetic. 

If this is the case for you, you need to talk with a fencing expert who can find you the right product that will fit your new and improved outdoor living space.

4) You are becoming more self-sustaining on your property. 

Asheville residents have always been more in tune with nature than other North Carolinians. The time together at home may have led you to take on homesteading projects. They may include raising animals or gardening in such a way that you need to keep wildlife out of your yard. 

Whether you are concerned about your own animals on your property or trying to prevent the invasion of coyotes and deer, it is probably time to consider improving your property’s fencing.

5) You want to see your property value continue to rise.

Real estate has continued to thrive here in the mountains of western North Carolina. People have realized that if they must quarantine, they want to do it somewhere with a beautiful view and access to nature. 

Houses are selling sight unseen for at or above asking price throughout the area. If you want your property value to continue to rise, installing a beautiful fence such as a PVC vinyl fence, or an ornate steel fence will only help make your property value continue to soar.

Are you ready to consider a new fence this new year? The team at Asheville Fence is ready to help. We are your trusted experts for fencing installation and repair in western North Carolina. We can help you with a safe and free estimate, and answer your questions about our great fencing products. Contact us today for more information about how you can have a great fence for your Asheville property.