8 Reasons to Choose a Custom Fence

8 Reasons to Choose a Custom Fence

Monday, 04 October 2021 22:24

Merriam-Webster defines a fence as “a barrier intended to prevent escape or intrusion or to mark a boundary.” When it comes to preventing a way of escape for someone such as a pet, keeping an intruder out and away from your family, or marking a boundary between your property and another, your fence should be very precisely to your liking. 

And what better way to get the fence you want than using a custom fence builder? In this article, we are discussing why you should trust a professional fence building company for your custom fence. 


Eight Reasons to Choose a Custom Fence in Asheville

Here are eight reasons you should choose a custom fence.

1) You Need to Fence In an Irregularly Shaped Area

If you want to fence off an irregular space or shape in your yard, custom fences are the only way to do it. Being able to customize the size, length, and shape of your fence gives you the capability of fencing what you need so it’s not too big or too small for what you are trying to accomplish.

Custom fences are flexible to accommodate the space you have, including any existing structures, sewage systems, and other concerns.

2) You Need a Fence That Is Aesthetically Pleasing

Who doesn’t like to make sure their home and property look great to the neighbors and for guests? Working with a professional fence installer provides the opportunity to choose from many beautiful material selections. You have the freedom to select and install a fence that will match well with your surroundings

3) There Are Many Options for Fencing Styles 

As we mentioned above, there are numerous choices you can make in regards to how your fence looks. A custom fence installer allows you to choose what you want when it comes to the paint, stain, ironwork, and trim used for your fence. By the time it is installed, it truly feels like your fence.

4) There Are Numerous Types of Fencing Materials

When customizing your fence, there are several materials from which to choose based on your needs regarding aesthetics or protection. Wood, metal, vinyl, and other fence materials are all great options depending on what you need and desire in your fence.

5) A Custom Fence Could Increase Your Property Value

When you make the investment in a custom fence for your home, you are making an investment in your home itself. If you ever decide to move and sell your home to another family, the custom fence raises the value of your home. The fence provides additional curb appeal and functionality for the home, so your asking price and appraisal can be higher.

6) A Quality Custom Fence Provides Protection

Whether you are protecting your home from would-be burglars, or the garden in your backyard from animals, a custom fence allows you to keep out unwanted guests. By choosing aluminum or vinyl/PVC, two popular protection-based fence materials, you can guard your prized possessions with that custom fence and feel more secure at home.

7) A Custom Fence Provides Privacy

Do you want to increase your privacy for your home and property? With the use of custom fences, you can enjoy your house and backyard without worrying about someone looking over your shoulder. Using wood and vinyl materials for your custom fence allows you blocked vision from neighbors and bypassers, so you have your slice of western North Carolina to yourself.

8) The Right Custom Fence Installer Has Expertise

When installing a custom fence, it’s important to see the whole picture of what the installation means. A custom fence should provide the level of protection and privacy for which you are searching. But also, they will take into account permits, HOA restrictions, city regulations, and so much more. 

The team also understands you have a budget and will help you get the most bang for your buck with your custom fence.

More About Custom Fences from Asheville Fence

Are you ready to install a custom fence? Asheville Fence is happy to provide you the ideal fence that suits all your needs. Serving western North Carolina since 1966, Asheville Fence has decades of experience installing the best custom fences in the area. We have the expertise to make sure your fence is built to last.

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