5 Reasons Why Your Dumpster Needs a Fence

5 Reasons Why Your Dumpster Needs a Fence

Wednesday, 05 July 2023 07:34

Dumpsters are a fact of life for many commercial businesses or real estate developers. They are an important way to manage waste, especially when there is a lot of it. However, the presence of a dumpster without a proper enclosure can create several problems.

Why Do Dumpsters Need Fences?

It is essential to have some sort of fence around a dumpster to address the issues a dumpster without a proper enclosure can create. In this blog, we will explore the importance of having a fence around dumpsters. We will not only discuss how important it is to keep your dumpster safe and secure, but also how to best maintain the aesthetics of your dumpster's enclosure. 

1. Safety Is Key

Safety should always be one of the number one considerations when putting a dumpster on your property. Dumpsters are a breeding ground for bacteria and can be dangerous in several other ways. 

For one, if a dumpster is easily accessible, a child may find their way into the vicinity of a dumpster. They could fall in and get hurt or worse. In one instance, a teenager was found crushed to death by a garbage truck after he fell asleep in a trash can. 

There are countless other horror stories of children and teenagers getting seriously injured or killed in dumpster accidents. This is one of the main reasons why it is important to control access to your dumpster. 

2. Fences Ensure Security

Unsecured dumpsters are like a siren to thieves and the unhoused. Dumpster divers may try to find salvageable food or other items that they can sell. While this can be a nuisance, what is truly problematic are thieves that try to obtain sensitive information.

Especially in corporate settings, plenty of sensitive information may pass through the trash can. Bank statements, credit card information, bills of lading, and more may end up in the wrong hands if your trash makes it into an unsecured dumpster. This can be a huge concern in terms of identity theft. 

While you may be able to lock down your dumpster, putting up a fence not only keeps them out of the dumpster, but away from it. While a dumpster lock is pretty impenetrable, some trash may not quite make it into the dumpster. Keeping potential thieves away from information will force them to move on by at least slowing them down.

3. Fences Improve Aesthetics

Let's face it, dumpsters never look good. No matter how hard you try to dress it up, a dumpster looks like a dumpster looks like a dumpster. There is no changing that. However, by adding a fence, you can improve the aesthetics of the space surrounding the dumpster by setting up some form of fenced-in enclosure.

Enclosures can either block the view of the dumpster or be used as a way to distract. Enclosures also show that you mean business when it comes to safety and security so that when potential clients come around, you come off as professional.

Additionally, fences can improve aesthetics by:

  • Concealing Unsightly Waste: Dumpsters are not visually appealing, and their presence can negatively impact the overall appearance of a property. A fence around the dumpster helps conceal the unsightly waste, keeping it out of sight and maintaining a cleaner and more aesthetically pleasing environment.
  • Blending With Surroundings: A well-designed fence around a dumpster can be selected to complement the architectural style and landscape of the surrounding area. This integration can help the dumpster area seamlessly blend into the overall design, minimizing its visual impact.
  • Promoting Professional Image: For businesses, a fenced dumpster area demonstrates a commitment to maintaining a clean and organized environment. It conveys a professional image to clients, visitors, and customers, enhancing their perception of the business's professionalism and attention to detail.

4. Dumpster Fencing Keeps Out Animals

Animals love trash and can make quite a mess out of your dumpster area. They can also pose a serious risk to your employees, residents, or guests. Wild animals, such as bears, deer, and raccoons, would take just about any chance to get inside of your dumpster to enjoy the treasure inside, so keeping them out is key. 

5. Streamline Waste Management

Keeping people from stealing from your dumpster is one thing; keeping unauthorized dumping to a minimum is another. Regulating what goes in your dumpster is crucial. Some waste management companies will charge overflow fees due to exactly that: overflowing trash. 

In addition to installing a fence around your dumpster, it is important to set expectations and protocols for your employees or tenants to follow when it comes to dumping and trash removal.

Dumpster Fencing from Asheville Fence

Ensure proper installation of your chosen dumpster enclosure by selecting a reputable company that is well-versed in local regulations and can complete the job accurately from the start. Subpar installation can result in costly maintenance and repairs over time.

For generations, Asheville Fence has been the trusted fence contractor in western North Carolina. Our experienced team is equipped to assess your business requirements for the enclosure and offer a solution that aligns with your functional, aesthetic, and budgetary needs. We provide comprehensive installation and ongoing service for Buncombe County and the surrounding areas.

If you require professional dumpster enclosure installation, reach out to us through our online contact form or by calling (828) 665-8900. We offer complimentary local estimates and prioritize exceptional customer service, top-notch craftsmanship, and unwavering professional integrity throughout every stage of your project, regardless of its size.