5 Questions To Ask Before Buying Your Commercial Fencing

5 Questions To Ask Before Buying Your Commercial Fencing

Monday, 07 September 2020 21:47

Adding a commercial fence to your property is much more than a financial matter; it is a choice that impacts security, safety, convenience, privacy, and aesthetics. The right solution can enhance the practical features of your property, as well as its appearance for the public, visitors, vendors, partners, and employees. Since it is such an important decision, it is worth taking some time to consider some key questions.


So, how do you choose a fence that meets your needs, looks great and fits into your budget? Start by asking:

1. What kind of material is right for my commercial property?

There is a wide variety of commercial fencing materials available today, including:

  • Chain Link
  • Vinyl
  • Farm Style/Split Rail (Wood)
  • Steel 
  • Aluminum 
  • Composite 
  • Wooden Privacy
  • Razor Wire 
  • Barbed Wire

Commercial fencing needs to be stronger than residential options, and it must be durable, resistant to wear and tear, and resistant to the elements. Any of the above options can meet these criteria, so the next step is to consider how you want the fence to function and how you want it to look. For example, farmers often need barbed wire to contain animals in a cost-effective, safe, and humane way; barbed wire is a natural choice. 

On the other hand, if you have a business where you meet partners, investors, employees, the public, and other stakeholders, composite can allow you to achieve the look of stone or wood while giving you the durability, safety, and functionality of strong wood/resin materials. What do you need?

2. What are my security needs?

Security is usually one of the top concerns of those who are installing commercial fencing. If you need to keep your business protected from intruders or unwanted elements, you need to think about materials, height, and features that are designed to deter. These include automated gates, barbed or razor wire, and electric. When security is a top priority, we can help you choose the most effective barrier option for your property.

3. How usable and convenient will my commercial fence be? 

Regardless of the practical reasons you need a commercial fence, usability, and ease of entry are paramount. This may mean that you need options like remote-controlled gates, PIN, card, or fingerprint access, and/or alarm systems that are easily monitored. You may also need rolling gates to allow deliveries or large equipment to enter the premises. 

4. What will my fence look like?

Now, the aesthetic for ranchers, farmers, and secure facilities obviously differs from that of a public or client-facing business. But even if “practical” is your goal, standard chain link can be powder-coated in a color of your choice for a more appealing look. You do not have to sacrifice durability, reliability, or security for a nicer, cleaner, and more polished appearance.

For commercial applications that are more concerned with aesthetics, there are a variety of options. As noted, you can choose durable fencing that mimics the look of stone or wood, as well as real wood, privacy wood, vinyl, etc. In short, there are a lot of looks out there! A reputable commercial fencing company can help you make the right call. 

5. What about installation?

You’ve selected the perfect fence. You’re happy with it’s functional and aesthetic qualities. Great… but what about installation. After all, a fence does little good if it’s sitting in a warehouse or laying in pieces on the ground. Research fencing companies: do they offer excellent service? Affordable prices? Do they have a solid track record of success with their clients? How long have they been in business? Can you look at samples of their work and/or a gallery of projects on their website? Do they install in your area?

Find Your Commercial Fencing Solution

When you make the right choice, a commercial fence is one of the biggest assets and protectors of your property. No matter what your goals - security, safety, aesthetics, privacy, etc., - Asheville Fence works tirelessly to ensure you achieve them. When you ask yourself these questions and have some answers… well, you may find you have even more questions! Do not hesitate to contact the fencing experts. With extensive experience in the commercial world, we are prepared to find - and install - the solution that works best for you.